Incredible Vintage Lego Ad

Vintage Lego Ad

I recently was shown this 1981 Lego ad and instantly fell in love with it. I was so ecstatic to see an ad that really embodied and so well represented the mission of Brooklyn Robot Foundry. Wow, this ad makes me smile!

The Slogan: “What it is is beautiful.” Fantastic! And so very true. It is so important for kids to build the thing that they see and imagine in their own brain. Kids need to be allowed to create things from scratch without any concept of right or wrong or making it look like or be “something”. It isn’t about making the perfect looking item but making the item perfectly your own in whatever way you choose. It is allowing the kids the freedom to imagine and just build. And with that comes pride in your work and a sense of accomplishment.

The Picture: Whoever took this picture captured that intense gleam of pride in this adorable, little girl’s eyes. This child must have built the creation she is holding so proudly in her hands or she is one incredible young actress. From her eyes it looks like she loves her creation and feel so proud to show it off to the world.

And on the ground are extra random parts that she decided that she didn’t need… which is exactly what happens when you create from scratch. You pick and choose and decide which parts will be best for your creation. The only right way is doing it exactly how you imagine it.

The Copy: “Have you ever seen anything like it? Not just what she has made, but how proud it has made her. It’s a look you will see whenever children build something all by themselves. No matter what they have created.”

And that too is exactly how we feel. When children come to our classes, they are the ones that build. We help them if they get stuck but will not build the robots for them. And this is such an important part of our philosophy. We know the kids will be able to do it themselves and when they walk out, they will be proud of what they did!

I wish we could find the person who created this ad. I would be so honored to shake their hand!



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