More coding options this summer!

One week of our summer coding program is just not enough for some kids. So now it’s possible to take two weeks, each with completely different projects!

Our Robot Coding program is a unique combination of hands-on building and interactive coding. Children entering Grades 3-7 will work in small groups to build, decorate and program their robots. They will use the Hummingbird Robotics kit to incorporate real electronics into their creations, including servos, motors, sensors, and LED’s. This synthesis of manual design and fabrication with programming is an encompassing experience with minimal screen time and maximum STEAM fun!

Now we will be offering two independent curricula of projects – Week A and Week B. Students can take one week or both! No prior coding experience is required.

For schedules, please choose your location:

Upper East Side . Tribeca . Atlantic Avenue . South Slope

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