Want Us To Pickup From Your School This Fall?

We will be announcing our school pickup list on August 27th.  How will we decide which schools? This is the plan…

  • Any schools with 4 or more students enrolled on the same day before August 26th will automatically get pickup.
  • Any schools that have less than 4 children registered on the same day before August 26th, but who have expressed interest in pickup, will receive a priority in the school selection.  We cannot guarantee all who have registered will receive pickup, but we will do our best!  *Any families that will only be able to attend classes if we can guarantee pickup from their schools should send us an email before August 26th. The sooner we receive that request, the more easily we can accommodate it.
  • Once pickups are finalized, families will be given the opportunity to receive a refund if their pickup could not be accommodated. So, there is no risk in registering, but you must contact us within 1 day of our notification in order to get the refund.

Once we finalize the list, we may not be able to add any additional pickups.  So, if school pickup is something you would like, it is best to register before August 26th!

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