Afterschool Sessions – Offsite

Class Information:

  • We bring all materials, tools and staff to you!
  • Each session will start with a lesson on new and exciting engineering concepts related to that week’s project.
  • Sessions can be held at your school, home or any venue really.

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We offer 4 types of after school programs, with a range in complexity based on children’s age and experience:
     Robot Crafting (K – 2nd grade)
     Robot Building (2nd – 4th grade)
     Robot Coding (3rd – 5th grade)
     Robot Inventing (3rd – 5th grade, with prerequisite)

Robot Crafting (K – 2nd grade)

DSC_7025As with our weekend classes and summer sessions, we will be teaching the kids the fundamentals of engineering through hands-on learning.

Our K-2 classes are a bit more craft and design focused for our smallest builders. We will teach fundamental engineering concepts but with an emphasis on creativity and imagination.


Robot Building (2nd – 4Good Kids and Wintunell 2th grade)

Each week we build a new robot and learn a new engineering concept. We will integrate hands-on building experience with demonstrations of engineered objects in the world that use the same concepts. Most weeks students will take home a robot or machine that they build.

Robot Coding
(3rd -5th grade)

UF_ROBOTFOUNDRY_016_smallThis is a really fun class for children because it combines hands-on building and art, with real electronics (servos, LEDs, motors, sensors) and programming. The kids will work in small groups and create robots that interact with the other robots and environment.  No programming experience required!

We will be using the fantastic Hummingbird robotics kit to teach programming. This versatile platform was designed at Carnegie Melon’s CREATE lab.

Check out this video to see what kids have to say about the class: