Cancellation & Make-up Policy

For Summer

  • No refunds
  • No credits
  • We can transfer your child to another week/day so long as there is availability. You are allowed one transfer at no cost but all subsequent transfers will incur a $25 fee.
  • If your child is sick or misses a day, they can make up the missed project during the extended day portion of the same summer week. If extended day is not offered or is full, unfortunately it won’t be possible to do a make-up.

For After School (Cancellations)

  • If you cancel by midnight 45 days before the start of the program, you get a refund (your money back).
  • After that date, there is a nonrefundable cancellation fee of $150. And the remaining balance will become a credit on your account. The credit can be used towards a different session, class or birthday party. The credit expires in one year. The credit is NOT transferable to another account.
  • You must notify us at least 1 week before the session starts to get the credit. Otherwise, we will assume your child will attend the session and no credit or refund of any kind will be given.
  • In the fall, you will be given an option to purchase the full year of afterschool at a 10% discount for the second semester. If you opt to do this, you understand that you are purchasing a non-refundable, non-transferable spot. If you aren’t sure if your child will want to continue doing afterschool with us for a full year, this may not be the best option for you.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a program due to low registration. If this happens, you will be refunded your full amount.
  • School pickup is only guaranteed if there are four or more children enrolled from your school. If school pickup cannot be offered due to lack of enrollment from your school, the above cancellation policy applies as stated.  Exceptions will NOT be made.

For After School (Make-ups)

  • No credit nor refunds will be given for missed after school classes. But you can do a make-up class (see bullets below).
  • The only exception to this policy will be if a session is canceled due to an act of nature (most commonly a snow day). If this happens you can do a makeup day on a different day of the week or can take a weekend class.
  • To schedule your make-up, you must contact us first and we will coordinate the date to do the makeup.
  • Your child can make-up a class as long as they go on a day with the same curriculum. If we don’t offer more than one class for an age group at a location, you can make-up the class at another location.
  • The make-up must occur within one week of the missed class and must be within the same semester.
  • You are only allowed three make-ups per semester.
  • The project that they will be doing in the make-up class may be a project that they have already done or will do.
  • If you miss the final week of the semester, you won’t have the ability to do a make-up.
  • We can NOT offer school pickup on make-up days.
  • We can NOT guarantee that your child can do homework help on the make-up day.

For After School (Transfers)

  • If you switch which day of the week your child is enrolled in the afterschool program before the program starts, the first transfer is free. All subsequent transfers will incur a $25 fee.
  • If you switch which day of the week your child is enrolled in the afterschool program after the program starts, there will be a $125 transfer processing fee.
  • All transfers are subject to availability.
  • All transfers must occur within the same semester. Otherwise it will be considered a cancellation (see above).

For Parties

  • All deposits are nonrefundable.
  • If the party is canceled by the Client more than three weeks before the event, no refund of the deposit will be made but you will have an opportunity to reschedule the event within 1 year of the originally scheduled event.
  • If the party is canceled by the Client within three weeks of the event, no refund or credit of the deposit will be given.
  • If a citywide emergency causes the event to be canceled, it will be rescheduled at the earliest date that works for both Client and Vendor.

For everything EXCEPT summer, after school & parties:

  • If you tell us before the session starts:
    • If a session is full, we can give you a credit minus $25 (administrative fee) if we can fill the spot from the wait-list.
    • If the session is NOT full, we can give you a credit minus $25 (administrative fee)
  • If you tell us on the day of the session or afterwards, then you will NOT get a credit nor a refund.
  • If you need to transfer your child to another equivalent session, that can be done as long as there are spaces available. You are allowed one transfer at no cost but all subsequent transfers will incur a $25 fee.

What is a credit? A credit is money that will go back into your account but not back onto your credit card. You can find your credits when you register for your next program in your Foundry online account. All credits expire in one year from issue date and are not transferable to other accounts. Credits can be used at any location.

What is a refund? A refund is when we give you the money back on your credit card.