Mini Sessions- South Slope

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All of our programs have a few things in common:

  • We share our knowledge of mechanical engineering and electrical principles with kids in a fun and engaging way. We bring out toys and models that help convey how electricity, gears, motors, and other things work. We always reinforce their learning by calling on prior knowledge and experience.
  • The classes are fun. Super fun! It’s our goal to make sure the kids all have a blast while doing and learning awesome things.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Age Range Class/Program Name Class Dates
K-4th June 8th 6/8
$120 + $30 Material Fee
K-4th June 12th 6/12
$120 + $30 Material Fee per day
K-4th June 26th 6/26
$120 + $30 Material Fee per day

Thanks for your interest!! Looking forward to seeing you at the foundry!


South Slope - Full Day Session- Register now!

Full Day Sessions:


June 8th (*See button above for registration)

Swimmer & Lighthouse

June 12th (*See button above for registration)

Light Piano & Test of Strength

June 26th (*See button above for registration)

Safe & Sink

What are the different registration options?

Most children will enroll under general registration. When you enroll under this option your child will build and take home the 8 awesome projects. We will also offer a limited number of  Robot Inventor each week. These were created to broaden our offerings for more mature students. It also allows different age siblings to be enrolled in the same week.

Robot Inventors:

DRobotInventoro you have a child who has attended a bunch of our sessions and now really wants to make their own creation? We are exited to now offer a new Inventors option!

Inventors Projects- We offer 5 special edition, limited spots to children who are frequent attenders to our programs. Those five students will be able to create and build whatever they want during the session. This option is limited to five kids only.

Inventors Prerequisite: The student must have either attended 1 week of summer in 2015 or 1 semester of afterschool last school year. They also must be in at least 2nd grade. There will be NO exceptions made to this prerequisite. Sorry! If you enroll and your child does not qualify, we will unenroll the student.

How much is it?

$120 program fee + $30 material fee per day.

Discounts available for registering for more than three days in a single purchase (2% for three days, 5% for four days, 8% for five or more days).

What hours is the session?
We will NOT be offering extended day!

What is the age range?
K-4th grades

What does my child need to bring?

  1. They need a packed lunch that does not contain any nuts.
  2. A packed snack that does not contain any nuts
  3. Rain gear/warm weather gear in case the weather is nice enough to take a break outside
  4. Epi pens/medications if applicable
  5. We encourage sending kids with a reusable water bottle. Go Green!


  1. The class is sold out. What do I do now? Once a session is sold out, you will see a “waitlist” link. Please click on that and add your information. If spaces become available, we will let you know!
  2. What is your cancellation policy? See our cancellation policy.
  3. Did my registration go through okay? If you completed the registration process, the last thing you will see is a confirmation screen. You will also receive an email confirming your order. If you didn’t get to a screen where you entered your email address and credit card information, then you didn’t complete the registration.
  4. When is morning drop-off? Our doors open at 8:40 am. Class officially starts at 9:00 am.
  5. When is pick-up? Pickup is at 3:00.
  6. Will you be offering an extended day option? No. Sorry.
  7. What should my child bring?
    • A packed lunch (that does not contain any nuts or peanuts)
    • At least one snack (that does not contain any nuts or peanuts)
    • A water bottle
    • Rain gear & sunscreen if applicable (we will go outside most days)
    • A reusable tote to bring their robots home
  8. Will food/lunch/snacks be provided? No, we do not provide food. Please send your child with a packed lunch and snacks that do not contain any nuts or peanuts of any kind.
  9. Some programs that my children attend require medical forms from our doctor. Does your program require this form? No, we do not need that form. We just need you to fill out all information during the registration process which includes general medical questions about your child.
  10. My child has a scooter. Can they store it at the Foundry while they are in the session? Sure! But we don’t have room for bikes and strollers to stay the full day.
  11. Will my child take the robots home? Yes! One of the criteria we use when designing our activities is selecting materials and projects that kids can continue to work on and tinker with after the program is over.
  12. Will there be outside time each day? We always try to spend some time outside every day. Please send your child with appropriate clothing (raincoats, sunblock, etc).
  13. What ages do you accept into the sessions? K-4th graders
  14. What does a typical day look like?
    • 8:40-9:00 Drop off
    • 9:00 Discovery & exploration
    • 9:30 Robot/structure building activity #1
    • 10:30 Snack
    • 11:00 Choice time
    • 12:00 Visit to park to eat lunch
    • 1:00 Robot/structure building activity #2
    • 2:30 Wrap up and clean up
    • 3:00 Pick-up
  15. My child has never built robots before, is that okay? Sure, no problem at all! They don’t have to have any experience, we will teach them all they need to know.
  16. What is the child to teacher ratio? The ratio is about 6 children to one adult staff member.
  17. Who are we? We started Brooklyn Robot Foundry to inspire and motivate kids by teaching them about the fun of building. We love the idea of learning and coming together through making things. We believe in the DIT—do it together— mentality and the importance of building a community around this common goal. We have backgrounds in mechanical engineering, software, education, music and fine art. We strive to make an environment that is educational, community based and most of all fun.