Offsite Parties

Want us to bring robot building to you? We can do it! We bring all the tools, material and staff needed to build robots at your venue.

Robot Building at Your Venue!

We provide all of the materials for the robot building activity. During the party we work with the kids to show them how to build their own robots, while teaching the engineering concepts behind how they move and work. Then everyone gets to design and ultimately take home their own creation! Robot building is a blast and the kids will leave having learned new skills and terms.

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Please check out our extensive Frequently Asked Questions below! But if you don’t see the answer to your question, ask us in the form above.

*Our customer service team will get back to you within one to two business days with an answer. If you need a faster answer than that, give us a call at 347-762-6840. Thanks!

Here isĀ  great video showing the Box Bot, in action!


What does this include?

  • A custom built and designed box robot that each child takes home
  • Robot- themed goody bag with the components to build Squishy Circuits at home

How much is it?

  • Small: $650 up 10 robots (including birthday child’s robot)
  • Medium: $800 for up to 15 robotsĀ (including birthday child’s robot)
  • Large: $950 for up to 20 robots (including birthday child’s robot)
  • XL: $1100 for up to 25 robot (including birthday child’s robot)

***Additional transportation fee may apply if the event occurs outside of our normal NYC radius



  1. I booked a small/medium/large/XL event. Will I be given the opportunity to update the size closer to the event as RSVPs come in? Yes, we will reach out to you about two weeks before the event. At that point you will be given the opportunity to change the size.
  2. What if I pick the wrong size and more kids show up on the day of the party? What is your overage policy? We will prepare the maximum number of kits and have the necessary staff for the event based solely on the size you choose. Especially for offsite events, we really need an accurate number of kids who will be attending since we are bringing the materials to you! We will not be able to build extra robots if additional children show up to the event. In addition, if our staff has to manage any additional children, you will be charged a mandatory 20% gratuity on your entire bill as compensation.
  3. Is gratuity for the staff included in the party price? There is a mandatory 20% gratuity if more children show up on the day of the party than the size you chose (see #2 above for details). For all other cases, gratuity is completely at your discretion. If you think the staff did an outstanding job and you want to tip them, feel free to do so. However, tips are not required.
  4. Should the event be dropoff or is it okay if the parents of the guests stay? We will have the staff and skills to manage the kids during the robot building portion of your event but the rest of the event management will be up to you (food, cake, etc). We leave it to you to determine how many people can fit comfortably in your space and if you, as the host, can manage the kids outside of the building activity.
  5. What will your role be in the party? You are hiring us to teach the kids how to build an awesome robot. We will manage the building portion of the event but are not being hired to manage the logistics of the event (i.e. food serving, cake cutting, song singing, picture taking, etc). Our portion will take 45-60 minutes depending on the kids.
  6. What are the space requirements? To build the robot each child will need to sit around a table with a table-setting sized area and a chair.
  7. If younger siblings attend but do not build robots, do they count towards the child count? No, they won’t. Only children who build robots count towards the child count. However if additional children are in attendance (i.e. younger children), our staff will not be able to watch them during the event. You will have to assign an adult(s) to manage and make sure the younger kiddos are occupied for the event.
  8. How early will you come to set up? Our staff will arrive 1 hour before the party starts. The robot building will last about 45-60 minutes. We will need about an hour to take down at the end of the event.
  9. What will the kids get to take home? They will take home their own electronic box robot and a goody bag that includes all the components for Squishy Circuits.
  10. Can I add snacks and other things to the goody bags? Sure thing. There is room in the bags for extra stuff.