Summer Session – Atlantic

We’re running our awesome Full Week Sessions all summer long! Children will build, play, laugh, learn, and make really cool robots!

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We have so many options for quality robot time!

Full week sessions run Mon-Fri from 9am-3pm, with optional extended day until 6pm. We offer 3 different programs during our Full-Week Sessions (see below for specific dates). All children will enjoy choice time, outings to the park and other fun activities together.  However, the lessons and projects will be different for each program:

Standard Robot Builders
Children entering K-4th grade will build 7-8 awesome projects each week, all of which they get to take home for continued fun! This program is great for experienced Foundry students, as well as first-timers.  We will be alternating between two curricula of completely unique projects – X Week and Z Week. Robots that light up, move, dance and may even float on the water!  Students can take one week or both, in any order.  

Robot Coding
 Children entering Grades 3-7 will build and program interactive robots.  Students work in small groups on projects that combine coding with hands-on building, using real electronics (servos, LEDs, motors, sensors). We will be offering two curricula of projects – Week A and Week B.  Students can take one week or both!  No prior coding experience is required.
(Since children will be working in groups, they will not be taking home their projects.)

Robot Inventors
Students entering grades 3-5, who meet the prerequisite*, will design and create their own wonderful robots. Students can work on daily projects, or continue their projects over several days. We encourage kids to work more independently and use creative problem solving.  Limited enrollment of 5 Inventors per week.  However, there is no limit to how many weeks you can register your child as an Inventor!

*Requirements for Inventors: Students must have completed one semester of our after school classes or two weeks of our summer sessions within the last 12months.

girlbotGirls Week: The Brooklyn Robot Foundry wants to encourage girls to explore the wonders of engineering! This year we will be offering a Girls Week in all locations. The projects are the same as we do in the co-ed, but with female students only.

Cost:  $540 weekly program fee + $150 materials fee  Partial weeks are not available – you must sign up for the entire week.  
Extended day is available until 6pm, at a cost of $20/day if booked at registration, or $30 if booked that day (if space permits).

Full Week Summer Sessions:

Our Typical Day:

8:40-9:00 Drop off
9:15 Welcome & Rules
9:30 Snack
10:00 Robot Lesson & Project #1
11:30 Choice time
12:00 Lunch and Walk to Park
1:00 Robot Lesson & Project #2
2:30 Wrap up and clean up
3:00 Pick-up
3:00-6:00 Extended day option

Robot Building Week X Projects:


Robot Building Week Z Projects:



Coding & Inventing Projects:

Below is a video that shows the types of projects we do during the coding session.

Watch this video to see what some of our students say about the Inventors class:


    1. When is morning drop-off ? Our doors open at 8:40 am. Class officially starts at 9:00 am.
    1. When is pick-up? Normal class ends at 3:00. Extended day ends at 6:00pm.
    1. Will you be offering an extended day option? We will be offering extended day till 6:00pm daily. You are only guaranteed an extended day spot if you sign up during registration.
    1. How does sign-up and payment work for extended day? You will be given an option to sign up for extended day when you register. If you pay for extended during registration, the cost is $20/day. If you decide later that you want to add extended day, then the cost will be $30/day. Spots in extended day can only be guaranteed if you sign up during registration. After that point, the spots are first come, first serve.
    1. What will the kids be doing during extended day? Extended day is pretty relaxed and more like choice time at school. The kids will NOT be doing additional electronic projects but can further embellish their robots. We may also take them outside for a bit.
    1. I want my child to be able to build an additional robot in the extended day. Can they do that? Yes, we will be offering One Time Classes from 4:00-5:30 on select weekdays. You can find the precise schedule by clicking on the link above. If you want your child to stay after the normal session is over to do the next class and build another robot, they can. All you have to do is register them for that class on our website. If you do that, then your child can stay right on through until 6:00. You do NOT have to pay any additional money that day for Extended Day.
    1. What should my child bring each day? 








      • A packed lunch (that does not contain any nuts or peanuts)
      • At least one snack & 2-3 snacks if the child will be staying for extended day (that does not contain any nuts or peanuts)
      • A water bottle
      • Rain gear & sunscreen if applicable (we will go outside every day)
      • A reusable tote to bring their robots home each day
    1. Will food/lunch/snacks be provided? No, we do not provide food. Please send your child with a packed lunch and snacks that do not contain any nuts or peanuts of any kind. If your child will be staying for extended day, please provide them with 1-2 extra snacks
    1. Some summer sessions that my children attend require medical forms from our doctor. Does your summer session require this form? No, we do not need that form. We just need you to fill out all information during the registration process which includes general medical questions about your child.
    1. My child has a bike/scooter. Can they store it at the Foundry while they are in the session? Sure!
    1. Will my child take the robots home? Yes! One of the criteria we use when designing our activities is selecting materials and projects that kids can continue to work on and tinker with after the program is over. The only time where they will not bring something home is if they sign up for the Robot Coders spots on the select weeks. The Robot Coders will be building group projects and will not bring anything home.
    1. Will there be outside time each day? We will spend some time outside every day. Please send your child with appropriate clothing (raincoats, sunblock, etc).
    1. Where do we go outside? Each day we will take the kids to the park for lunch. We will also be taking the kids on a few field trips to test out their robots and for a scavenger hunt. All field trips are within easy walking distance of the store.
    1. What ages do you accept into the sessions? Each week has a different age range but we accommodate kids as young as entering Kindergarten and as old as entering 7th grade.
    1. My child has never built robots before, is that okay? Sure, no problem at all! They don’t have to have any experience, we will teach them all they need to know.
    1. My child took your summer session last year. Will there be new material this year? We use the first day as an introduction and skill refresher but all of the projects are brand new! If your child has attended our programs a ton and they are at least entering 3rd grade, you might want to consider signing them up for the Robot Inventor spots.
    1. Can my child take multiple weeks of the same curriculum? We don’t recommend signing up kids as “standard registrations” for the same curriculum. But if think your child would/does love our programs, consider signing them up for the Robot Inventor spots. They must be at least entering 3rd grade and have done either a semester of afterschool with us in 2018/2019 or have completed two weeks this summer. But if they meet those criteria, feel free to sign them up for as many weeks as a Robot Inventor as you want!
    1. What is the child to teacher ratio? The ratio is about 6 children to one adult staff member.
    1. Who are we?
      We started Brooklyn Robot Foundry to inspire and motivate kids by teaching them about the fun of building. We love the idea of learning and coming together through making things. We believe in the DIT—do it together— mentality and the importance of building a community around this common goal. We have backgrounds in mechanical engineering, software, education, music and fine art. We strive to make an environment that is educational, community based and most of all fun.
    1. What is your cancellation policy? We do NOT offer refunds once a camp registration has been completed. For further details, please go here.
    1. Did my registration go through okay? If you completed the registration process, the last thing you will see is a confirmation screen. You will also receive an email confirming your order. If you didn’t get to a screen where you entered your email address and credit card information, then you didn’t complete the registration.
    1. Do I pay the full amount up front? Yes. See #20 above for cancellation policy.
  1. What is your cell phone policy? We are teaching kids to build robots with their hands and to interact with each other. That’s pretty much the mission of the business. We definitely prefer a cell-phone free environment. However, from time to time, there are instances where a child would benefit from an exception to this rule (e.g. it might be beneficial for kids with special needs or certain behavioral patterns). If this is something your child requires, please talk with the lead teacher or send us an email before the session so we can work out the exception.