Summer Sessions- Manhattan

Our summer sessions are awesome! We teach your children all about the fun of engineering while they build a ton of awesome robots. We offer sessions for 1st-4th and 5-7th graders (depending on the week).

The sessions run from June 8th through September 4th from 9:00-3:00. We will offer an extended day option until 6:30 for every week EXCEPT June 8th-12th and June 15th-19th.

We are offering three different curricula for the 2015 summer.

Our NEW Manhattan location is located at 72 Warren Street in Tribeca. Each day we will take the kids outside to Hudson River Park or Bogardus Garden for lunch. We will also be taking the kids on a few field trips to test out their robots and for a scavenger hunt. All field trips are within easy walking distance of the store.


Robot Vehicles

IMG_6359Is your child a little engineer? Do they love building with legos and snapcircuits? Then this is the perfect week for them. We designed this week for kids who love to build and want to understand how things work. They will be building 9 different robots throughout the week-long session that move in all sorts of fun and exciting ways (see below for descriptions)!

  • Offered 6 different weeks
    • June 15th-19th- NO extended day option
    • June 29th-July 3rd- extended day available
    • July 13th-July 17th- extended day available
    • August 3rd-7th- extended day available
    • August 17th-21st- extended day available
    • August 31st-September 4th- extended day available
  • $850/week
  • $15/hour for extended day
  • 1st-4th graders, K’s will be accepted if they have already completed a year of full-day preK.
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Weekly Schedule & Themes

Monday: Space

  • Rover– Kids will learn how to make their very own axles in this project. We will practice twisting wires and taping when we attach our flashing LED to our rovers before testing them out in the far reaches of our solar system!
  • Rocketship– We will have so much fun launching our rocketships. Using a magnetic switch, these rockets will be land-bound but look as though they are spinning into space!

Tuesday: Water

  • Fish Boat– Using a linkage system, nuts, bolts and screws the children will build a fast-moving, hydrodynamic boat that looks, and swims, a lot like a sea creature!
  • Rowboat– Through the study of motors and gears we will create a fun and fully functioning rowboat that can actually be tested in the water!

Wednesday: City

  • Bumper Car– With a reversing switch and a spring we will create fast-paced bumper cars. They can crash into walls or into each other and spring back to life!
  • Garage– Kids will learn about reversing polarity (or the direction of electricity) when they create their very own compartments for their vehicles. These garages will have ramps that go up and down and can be decorated to fit any style.

Thursday: Sky

  • Airplane– This isn’t just any airplane. Using a potentiometer knob, kids can adjust the flow of electricity to the LED, thereby dimming or brightening the light. A spinning propeller completes the look and feel of this aircraft!
  • Gravitron– This ever-spinning wheeled robot may look simple but it’s quite brilliant. Using an imbalanced weight system and a gearbox, it can bump into walls, turn itself around, and spin off into oblivion!

Friday: Land

  • Remote Controlled Car– We will create our own steering wheel that utilizes a momentary switch. When pressed the car will turn left or right using a double-axle/gearbox system. This will provide hours of indoor/outdoor fun!
  • Scavenger Hunt– Our week culminates in a fun outdoor activity where kids can put what they learned to use. We will test their knowledge of tools and mechanical parts out in the real world at designated locations around the neighborhood.

Robot Universe

14659795744_8069a7c3af_zDoes your child love to come up with really beautiful, quirky designs and creations? Are they a little artist whose creativity drives their creations? Then this week is the perfect fit. The kids will be building 9 different engineering projects and will be given tons of flexibility to morph and change them into their very own custom creations.

  • Offered 6 different weeks
    • June 8th-12th- NO extended day option!
    • June 22nd-26th- extended day available
    • July 6th-10th- extended day available
    • July 27th-July 31st- extended day available
    • August 10th-14th- extended day available
    • August 24th-28th- extended day available
  • $850/week
  • $15/hour for extended day
  • 1st-4th graders, K’s will be accepted if they have already completed a year of full-day preK.
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Weekly Schedule & Themes

Monday: Androids

  • Cube-oid– Our first project of the week will introduce kids to the basic concepts of circuits, motors and switches. Our cubebot is a new twist on an old favorite: the vibrating robot!
  • Transformer– Kids are always asking to make a robot that can transform. Well, now they can! Using a slide switch, an LED and hinges, their robots can move from a car to an android or a princess to an ogre.

Tuesday: Game Day

  • Battleship– Kids will create a complex circuit using tin foil and conductive game pieces for hours of gaming fun!
  • Laser Show– With the help of two vibrating motors, kids will discover how vibration and light waves work together to create a magical light show.

Wednesday: Music

  • Music Box (2-part project)– This musical instrument has all the components you would need for a one-man-band. There’s percussion, bells, buzzing and more! We will teach the basics of how a solenoid works and just exactly what sound waves and electromagnetism are.

Thursday: Animals

  • Butterfly– Put your insect knowledge to good use with this beautiful project! We will cover the concepts of gears and cranks when we create a butterfly with flapping wings.
  • Scorpion– This little creature can climb stairs, move over rocky terrain and get through any obstacle you can think up. With a lesson on traction, we will work to create the toughest little creatures we can dream up.

Friday: Expert Day

  • Remote Controlled Lamp– We will explain radio frequency and the concepts behind how a remote control actually works when we build our very own multi-light lamps.
  • Scavenger Hunt– Our week culminates in a fun outdoor activity where kids can put what they learned to use. We will test their knowledge of tools and mechanical parts out in the real world at designated locations around the neighborhood.


Robot Programming(1 week only)

We will only be offering one week in Brooklyn and another week in Manhattan of this super awesome session! We will be using the fantastic Hummingbird robotics kit to teach programming. This versatile platform was designed at Carnegie Melon’s CREATE lab.

programmingIt is the perfect introduction to programming as it combines hands-on building and art with real electronics (servos, LEDs, motors, sensors) with programming. No previous programming experience is necessary. The kids will work in small groups and create robots that interact with the other robots and environment.

  • July 20th-July 24th- extended day available
  • Advanced and beginners are both welcome!
  • Projects will be small groups based. Kids will NOT take home any robots at the end of the week.
  • $850/week
  • Extended day available if there is enough interest
  • 5th-7th graders
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Age of Students:

Most of the programs are for children entering 1st grade through 4th grades. We make exception for children who are entering kindergarten if they have completed a year of full-day preK. The Robot Programming week is for kids entering 5th-7th grades.


$ 850 for full week sessions

Extended day will be offered every week EXCEPT June 8th-12th and June 15th-19th. Extended day cost $15/hour.


All registration must occur online. If you already have an account, please use your account information to register your child. If you do not yet have an account, you can create one during the registration process.

Please make sure you complete the entire form during registration. One of the last screens of the registration process will be where you enter your email address. If you haven’t reached that screen, you aren’t quite done. The very last screen will be a confirmation screen.

Manhattan 2015 Summer Sessions- Register Now!



  1. When is drop-off in the morning? Our doors open at 8:40 am. Class officially starts at 9:00 am.
  2. When is pick-up? Normal class ends at 3:00.
  3. Will you be offering an extended day option? We will be offering extended day till 6:30 for all weeks EXCEPT June 8th-12th and June 15th-19th.
  4. How does sign-up and payment work for extended day? Each morning when you sign your child in for the summer session, you can tell us the estimated time your child will be picked up that day. Then when the child is picked up, we will ask you to pay for that day’s extended time.
  5. What will the kids be doing during extended day? Extended day is pretty chill and more like choice time at school. The kids will not be doing additional electronic projects but can further embellish their robots. We may also take them outside for a bit.
  6. What should my child bring each day?
    • A packed lunch (that does not contain any nuts or peanuts)
    • At least one snack & 2-3 snacks if the child will be staying for extended day (that does not contain any nuts or peanuts)
    • A water bottle
    • Rain gear & sunscreen if applicable (we will go outside every day)
    • A reusable tote to bring their robots home each day
  7. Will food/lunch/snacks be provided? No, we do not provide food. Please send your child with a packed lunch and snacks that do not contain any nuts or peanuts of any kind. If your child will be staying for extended day, please provide them with 1-2 extra snacks
  8. Some summer sessions that my children attend require medical forms from our doctor. Does your summer session require this form? No, we do not need that form. We just need you to fill out all information during the registration process which includes general medical questions about your child.
  9. My child has a bike/scooter. Can they store it at the Foundry while they are in the session? Sure!
  10. Will my child take the robots home? For Robot Vehicles and Robot Universe, kids will be bringing all sorts of robotic projects home. One of the criteria we use when designing our activities is selecting materials and projects that kids can continue to work on and tinker with after the program is over. For the Robot Programming session, the kids will be working in small groups on a joint project. The projects will stay at the Foundry at the end of the session.
  11. Will there be outside time each day? We will spend some time outside every day. Please send your child with appropriate clothing (raincoats, sunblock, etc).
  12. What ages do you accept into the sessions? Each week has a different age range but we accommodate kids as young as entering 1st grade and as old as entering 7th grade. We can make an exception for children who are entering kindergarten as long as they have gone to a year of full-day preK. Your child has to be comfortable and able to do a full 9-3 day on their own.
  13. What does a typical day look like?
    • 8:40-9:00 Drop off
    • 9:00 Discovery & exploration
    • 9:30 Robot/structure building activity #1
    • 10:30 Snack
    • 11:00 Discovery/Choice time
    • 12:00 Visit to park to eat lunch
    • 1:00 Robot/structure building activity #2
    • 2:30 Wrap up and Clean up
    • 3:00 Pick-up and the start of extended day
    • 3:00-6:30 Extended day option
  14. My child has never built robots before, is that okay? Sure, no problem at all! They don’t have to have any experience, we will teach them all they need to know.
  15. My child took your summer session last year. Will there be new material this year? Yes, there will be loads of new projects. Feel free to enroll your child again this summer. We use the first day as an introduction and skill refresher. So those two projects may be ones your child has done before. Since the projects are very open ended, we will be able to help them customize the projects in new, fun and exciting ways.
  16. Can my child take multiple weeks of the same curriculum (e.g. two weeks of Robot Vehicles)? We would not recommend this as the weeks will have the same curriculum and your child may become bored. It is best to take two weeks that have a different curriculum. That being said, we have had a some children that liked the sessions so much that they were happy to repeat the activities. Since you know your child the best, feel free to make the call that feels right for your family.
  17. What is the child to teacher ratio? The ratio is about 5-6 children to one adult staff member.
  18. Who are we? We started Brooklyn Robot Foundry to inspire and motivate kids by teaching them about the fun of building. We love the idea of learning and coming together through making things. We believe in the DIT—do it together— mentality and the importance of building a community around this common goal. We have backgrounds in mechanical engineering, software, education, music and fine art. We strive to make an environment that is educational, community based and most of all fun.
  19. What is your cancellation policy? From the day you register until 4 weeks before the session, you will not get a refund but you can use that money towards a different summer session, class or birthday party (subject to availability). After that point, all money will be non-transferable and not refundable. In addition, there will be a non-refundable cancellation fee of $150 for any cancellations that occur after April 1, 2015. We reserve the right to cancel a program due to low registration. If this happens, you will be refunded your full amount.
  20. What if my child becomes sick and cannot attend? We will do our best to find someone on the waitlist to fill the spot. If that happens, there will be a small admin fee and then the balance of the session will be given as a credit on your account. If we cannot fill the space, unfortunately we cannot offer a credit. The sooner you know your child won’t make it, the more likely it will be that we can find someone to take the spot. If they miss a day or two of a certain week, we will try to squeeze them in later in the summer to make up those days. If that happens, you will not be given any type of credit.
  21. Did my registration go through okay? If you completed the registration process, the last thing you will see is a confirmation screen. You will also receive an email confirming your order. If you didn’t get to a screen where you entered your email address and credit card information, then you didn’t complete the registration.
  22. Do I pay the full amount up front? Yes. See #19 above for cancellation policy.
  23. Why does the Manhattan program cost more than the Brooklyn program? Will the kids be doing the same activities? The curriculum will be the same in both locations. The price difference is because our rent in Manhattan is literally twice our Brooklyn rent.