Summer Sessions- Hamptons


We are very excited to be partnering with East Hampton Unified School District to offer our awesome summer programs!


Monday August 3rd – Friday August 7th
Monday August 10th- Friday August 14th

You can sign up for as many or as few days as you want! Every day will have different projects! Each day the kids will be making two different projects which they will take home with them.


Full Day- 10:00 am -3:00 pm: $180
Half Day- 10:00 am- 12:00 pm: $100

  • Early drop off at 9:00 available : $20 additional
  • Late pickup at 4:00 available: $20 additional


 East Hampton - 2015 Summer Popup- Register Now!

Age Range:

Entering K-5th grades


We want to make our robot building sessions accessible to everyone! If you think your child would enjoy the session but the fees feel too high, we are offering 5 scholarship spots per day. Register now below!



Day by Day Activity:

Monday, August 3rd

Cube-oid18749158151_1bc1397f21_z– will introduce kids to the basic concepts of circuits, motors and switches. Our cubebot is a new twist on an old favorite: the vibrating robot!

Cable CarCable Car– definitely a favorite among kids and teachers alike! Create this awesome robot that can fly across the room on a string.

Tuesday, August 4th


Bumper Car- With a reversing switch and a spring we will create fast-paced bumper cars. They can crash into walls or into each other and spring back to life!

18126370373_eeb593b162_zGarage- Kids will learn about reversing polarity (or the direction of electricity) when they create their very own compartments for their vehicles. These garages will have ramps that go up and down and can be decorated to fit any style.

Wednesday, August 5th

9276061993_2786cbd098_zSolar Powered Boat- Kiddos will be building an awesome boat powered by a tiny, solar panel. Summer sun + build your own boat= awesome!

18559274798_c6867568b1_zRowboat- Through the study of motors and gears we will create a fun and fully functioning rowboat that can actually be tested in the water!

Thursday, August 6th

18560444639_0d0218a70c_zBattleship- Kids will create a complex circuit using tin foil and conductive game pieces for hours of gaming fun!

Laser- With the help of two vibrating motors, kids will discover how vibration and light waves work together to create a magical light show.

Friday, August 7th

FlagDoodling- Make a drawing, spinning creation that can make your very own masterpiece. Super creative and super fun!

IMG_6360Drumming- One of our all time favorite robots. Through the use of a gearbox and cams, the kids will be building a little musical drum of their own!

Monday, August 10th

18123910934_c34190b390_zObstacle Robot- This little creature can climb stairs, move over rocky terrain and get through any obstacle you can think up. With a lesson on traction, we will work to create the toughest little creatures we can dream up.

18559308820_e0f4acc2b6_zGravitron- This ever-spinning wheeled robot may look simple but it’s quite brilliant. Using an imbalanced weight system and a gearbox, it can bump into walls, turn itself around, and spin off into oblivion!

Tuesday, August 11th

Firefly- This robot is a great introduction to switches and how to make a parallel circuit. This two headed, light-up firefly is sure to please!

18749171301_96b43f22f5_zButterfly- Put your insect knowledge to good use with this beautiful project! We will cover the concepts of gears and cranks when we create a butterfly with flapping wings.

Wednesday, August 12th

Nightlight- The kids will make their very own custom designed light to put by their bed at night. It is a great introduction to making a simple circuit!

Discowand- Spinning, light up magical wonder. This discowand is sure to please!

Thursday, August 13th

IMG_6359Speedracer- Our fastest robot yet created. The specially altered gearboxes make it so this little speed demon will race across the room in nothing flat!

Emergency RobotEmergency Vehicle- The combination of an LED and a gearbox makes for a super versatile, fun but challenging project.

Friday, August 14th

SubSubmarine- Yep, it actually goes underwater. This speeding submarine torpedo includes the use of a special magnetic switch. It’s awesome!

Pulsar 2Pulsar- Spinning, light-up fun creation that will put the kids building skills to the test.