Teacher Training

Want to incorporate robotics into your curriculum or start your own robotics after school program? Look no further!

You will walk away with:

  • 14373739948_816ae1272f_zA detailed lesson plan outlining how to integrate 3 robotic projects into your classroom.
  • An overview of experiments that can be done with the robots (e.g. adding or subtracting variables to adjust the robots course, how to create or lessen vibration, etc.).
  • Large magnetic images of circuit components to be used for visual aids in teaching.
  • FAQ’s and a troubleshooting page.
  • Online links and sources for teaching.
  • Gif’s and images for easy teacher reference.
  • List of safety protocols.
  • List of relevant vocabulary and definitions.
  • Discount coupons for field trips and future trainings.

We have created a training schedule that makes our program incredibly accessible, even to folks who have little to no experience with electronics.

The one day training lasts six hours and costs $250.

There is an additional optional classroom pack material fee of $200. The classroom pack is designed to be used in classrooms setting where you will be working in small groups of 5-6 kids. There will be enough materials for 5 groups to work concurrently. You don’t have to buy the classroom material from us but you may find it easier than having to purchase the materials yourself. We will provide you with sourcing information if you choose to go that route. The classroom packs are reusable.

Sign ups coming soon!!

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For questions or concerns, please email contact@brooklynrobotfoundry.com