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Parent/Caregiver & Child PreK Classes

IMG_9816Tiny builders is a class for children ages two to four and their caregivers. Kids are crazy about robots and so are we!  In this class we build robots, tell stories about robots, color robots, and maybe even dance like robots – all while learning fun tidbits about engineering! The class is designed to encourage children’s natural love for building and learning, to inspire their inquisitive minds, and to have fun!

We believe in a Do-It-Together philosophy, so in this class child and caregiver build and learn together. Every class the children will take home one of their robot creations, so the exploration and discovery can continue at home!

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Age Range Class/Program Name Class Info Cost
2-4 year olds 5 Week Session
Friday- 10:30 -11:15 am
Starts March 3rd
$115 + $80 material fee
2-4 year olds 3 Week Sessions
Friday- 10:30 -11:15 am
Sessions starting April 21st & May 12th
$69 + $48 material fee

Thanks for your interest!! Looking forward to seeing you at the foundry!


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Tiny Builders

Class Information

tinycopterWhat will they do? Projects will include a robot that flies in a parachute, a robotic puppet and more! Every class the children will take home one of their robot creations, so the exploration and discovery can continue at home!

What are the dates?

5 Week Session Dates:

March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

3 Week Session Dates:

April 21st, 28t and May 5th

3 Week Session Dates:

May 12th, 19th & 26th

The classes run from 10:30-11:15.

How much is it & what’s included?

The 4 week session costs $92 plus a $64 material fee.

The 3 week session costs $69 plus a $64 material fee.

We also offer $25 trial sessions for first time customers on select days.

Each week the children (with the help of the caregiver) will be building a robotic project that they take home with them at the end of that day. The projects are super engaging and are excellent introductions to simple circuits.

What is the age range?
2-4 years old

Will you be able to offer make-up sessions?
Sorry! Unfortunately, we won’t have a way to offer make-up sessions.

**Adult must attend with child (can be a family member or caregiver).


  1. The class is sold out. What do I do now? Once a session is sold out, you will see a “waitlist” link. Please click on that and add your information. If spaces become available, we will let you know!
  2. What is your cancellation policy? See our cancellation policy.
  3. Are there any make-up classes? Unfortunately we don’t have a way to offer makeup for Tiny Builders. The sessions are really short and there isn’t a way to offer the project again for one family that misses a session.
  4. Can a 2 year old really build? Yes! We design projects that 2-4 year olds can definitely do! The 2’s might be doing a bit less than the 4’s but every child will be able to really participate in the session.
  5. Is there anything I should know before the class? Yes. We would love it if the caregiver who attends with the child allows the child to explore and try building without a ton of intervention. You are definitely building the projects together but we ask that you give your child the chance to participate rather than doing it all for them. The most amazing way for kids to learn is to let them try things, let them fail, let them succeed even if they do it a bit slower than the grown-ups are used to. It is really a wonderful experience to see your child invent new things!