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Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we have postponed all birthday parties until further notice. We have also suspended booking any new parties until the State of New York and/or the CDC announces the all-clear from this pandemic. 

We offer four different levels for our awesome kid robot building parties: Tiny, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All of our parties last an hour and a half — and every party at the Foundry is a total blast! Kids and parents will have an incredible time in an exciting, creative, and fun environment. (If you are interested in a party for an adult, go here for more info.)

Below is a table that lays out the differences between the party options. Scroll down to see pictures and details for each level:

  Tiny Silver Gold Platinum
Age Range 2-4 4-6 5-12 5-12
Robot Type

Simple moving robot

*Build with adult

Simple light up robot

Complicated moving robot Complicated moving robot
Dedicated space x x x x
Drop-Off   x x x
Goody Bags     x x
Cake       x
Food/Drink Provided       x
Invite/RSVP Managed       x
Decorations       x

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Tiny Party

Tiny Parties- the perfect party for 2-4 year olds and their caregivers! Our Build Together approach encourages toddlers and their loved ones to explore the world of robotics together while building a custom robot.

Our hour and a half party will start with a fun game where child-caregiver pairs sit on the ground and are introduced to different parts of a circuit. After the game, pairs listen to a Robot Foundry teacher read an interactive story about Adrien the expert robot builder. The teacher will intermittently pause the story to lead child-caregiver pairs in the robot building process. At the end of the story, each child will have a customizable moving bulldozer robot to decorate and take home!

Tiny Parties are always capped at ten child/caregiver pairs. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to this cap due to size considerations of the space.

We do not provide cake or food for the party but we can help you connect with local restaurants.

What does the Tiny Party include?

  • A custom built and designed robot that each child takes home
  • A fun coloring page that teaches robotic principles and engages children in building

How much is a Tiny Party?

  • $700 for up to 10 kid/parent pair (including birthday child/caregiver)

We do NOT offer Tiny Parties for more than 10 kids due to space considerations! (No exceptions, sorry!)

Silver Party

We are excited to offer an alternative party activity as a lower cost option. This party works well for younger builders ages four to six!

Flying Floating!For Silver Parties, the children will be creating awesome parachutes and little light-up passengers to ride inside! This activity is designed for kids who are just getting into robotics. If your child is more advanced or been to the Foundry a bunch, you may want to consider a Gold Party.

The kids have a blast making and playing with their creations in our vertical wind tunnels. They will take home their parachutes, their light up passenger and their battery controller. The room will be filled with lots of laughs and smiles as the kids test and tweak their parachute designs, while also learning about the power of lift and drag!

We do not provide cake or food for the party but we can help you connect with local restaurants.

This video below does a great job of capturing the excitement and spirit of our parties:

What does the Silver Party include?

  • Building a parachute robot! (no electronics)

How much is a Silver Party?

  • Small: $625 for up to 10 kids (including birthday child)
  • Medium: $725 for up to 15 kids (including birthday child)
  • Large: $825 for up to 20 kids (including birthday child)
  • XL: $925 for up to 25 kids (including birthday child)
  • More than 25 kids? Please contact us for pricing!

Gold Party

The Gold Party is our most popular party option, mixing an introduction to circuits with building playful moving robots!

For Gold Parties, we provide the space and all of the materials for the party activities. During the party we work with the kids to show them how to build their own robots, while teaching the engineering concepts behind how they move and work. Then everyone gets to design and ultimately take home their own creation! The parties are a blast and the kids will leave having learned new skills and terms.

We do not provide cake or food for this party but we can help you connect with local restaurants.

Here is a great video that shows one of our parties in action!

What does the Gold Party include?

  • A custom built and designed robot that each child takes home
  • Goody bag with components to build your own Magno Car at home!

How much is a Gold Party?

  • Small: $950 for up to 10 kids (including birthday child)
  • Medium: $1100 for up to 15 kids (including birthday child)
  • Large: $1250 for up to 20 kids (including birthday child)
  • XL: $1400 for up to 25 kids (including birthday child)
  • More than 25 kids? Please contact us for pricing!

Platinum Party

Want an easy no-sweat party setup? Let us take care of all aspects of your child’s party for you! Start to finish, we’ll take care of it all! From invitations, to decorations, to materials and goody bags, when you arrive on the day of your party, everything will be ready to go. This all-inclusive party will be a blast and something the guests will be talking about for years to come!


Each child will get to design, build and take home their very own custom robots. After the kids finish building, we’ll take a break for food and cake. The parents will also be provided with food and drinks and can relax and mingle while the kids are busy. In addition to their project, each child will receive a upgraded goody bag with Magno Car components, a robot toy, and other goodies. The party will finish with a group photo of all of the happy, smiling faces. No clean-up necessary!

What does the Platinum Party include?

  • A custom built and designed robot that each child gets to take home
  • Goody bag with awesome Magno Car components and a robot toy!
  • Pizza, snacks, and cake for kids
  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks for adults
  • Decorations and all plates/utensils for the party
  • If you’d like, we’ll also take care of the invite and RSVP list for the party. We will send out a customized Evite invitation with all of the necessary information. You tell us who to invite and we’ll do the rest!

How much is a Platinum Party?

  • Small: $1800 for up to 10 kids (including birthday child)
  • Medium: $2100 for up to 15 kids (including birthday child)
  • Large: $2400 for up to 20 kids (including birthday child)
  • XL: $2700 for up to 25 kids (including birthday child)
  • More than 25 kids? Please contact us for pricing!


General Questions

  1. I booked a small/medium/large/XL party. Will I be given the opportunity to update the size closer to the party as RSVPs come in? Yes, we will reach out to you about two weeks before the party. At that point you will be given the opportunity to change the size.
  2. What if I pick the wrong size and more kids show up on the day of the party? What is your overage policy? We will prepare the maximum number of kits and have the necessary staff for the party based solely on the size of party that you choose. If more children attend the party than you indicated, you will be charged $100 per child in addition to the base price. You will also be charged a mandatory 20% gratuity on your entire bill to compensate the staff.
  3. What is the maximum number of kids that can attend a party?  We can accommodate up to 10 children at Tiny Parties and up to 32 children at all other parties.
  4. Is gratuity for the staff included in the party price? There is a mandatory 20% gratuity if more children show up on the day of the party than the size you chose (see #2 above for details). For all other cases, gratuity is completely at your discretion. If you think the staff did an outstanding job and you want to tip them, feel free to do so. However, tips are not required.
  5. Should the parents’ of the guests stay for the party? The parties are designed as drop-offs starting at age 4. Due to size and noise constraints of the space, if your party will have more than 15 kids attending, it must be drop-off. If your party has less than that, parents are welcome to stay, but we suggest limiting it to one parent per child.   We advise adults that the kids seem to enjoy themselves more if they are allowed to build the robots on their own. We have loads of staff who can help facilitate the activities with the kids while the parents socialize and converse.
  6. If younger siblings attend but do not build robots, do they count towards the child count? No, they won’t. Only children who build robots count towards the child count. However if additional children are in attendance (i.e. younger children), our staff will not be able to watch them during the event. You will have to assign an adult(s) to manage and make sure the younger kiddos are occupied for the party.
  7. May I come early to set up? Sure, you can arrive up to 30 minutes before your scheduled party start time. But please make sure your guests don’t arrive until the actual start time.
  8. Can we bring balloons and other decorations for the party? Sure. Our teachers will do their best to help you set up however they will also be setting up the robot building portion of the party and getting the space ready. If you intend to bring a lot of additional items, please be sure you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled start time and with a buddy to help you set up the decorations.
  9. Are there things that we cannot bring to the party? Yep. Glitter and confetti end up making a huge mess and are so hard to clean up. Large inflatable swords and noisemakers have proven to be a very bad idea. Pinatas are also discouraged as are additional vendors like face painters or balloon animal makers. The party timeline is packed – there really isn’t time for additional activities. When we try to squeeze in additional things like this, it makes the party feel rushed and the kids won’t get the chance to finish their robots.
  10. Will the party start right at the start time? Typically, all of the people arrive by about 10/15 minutes after the start time of the party. We entertain the kids while the others arrive. We talk with the host parent to determine when enough children are present to start the activity.
  11. What will the kids get to take home? For the Silver party they will take home their Flying/Floating robots. For the Gold and Platinum parties, they will take home their electronic robot and a goody bag that includes all the components to build a Magno Car.  For the Platinum party, the goody bag will also include a small robot toy.
  12. Can I add snacks and other things to the goody bags? Sure thing. There is room in the bags for extra stuff. But also, there really isn’t any need to add anything extra.
  13. I want to play music at the party. Do you have speakers? Yep. You can hook up your iPhone to our speakers to play whatever music you want.
  14. Can I leave things at your facility at the end of my party and come back to get them later? Sorry but everything you bring or have delivered for your party must leave with you at the end of your party. Anything left behind will be disposed.

Food Related Questions

  1. What type of food am I allowed to bring into the Foundry? You can bring whatever you like as long as it does not contain nuts of any kind.
  2. I want to bring alcohol for the adults. Is that okay? Sure. For your convenience, we have partnered with Tribeca Wine Girl. You can order wine, beer, spirits, bottled water, soft drinks, juices, etc directly from her company and she will deliver it to our locations. She can provide the items chilled or at room temperature. Please note that anything you bring or have delivered to the party must leave with you at the end of the party.
  3. Is there a pizza place nearby that delivers and is yummy? Sure. You can order from Two Boots. If the pizza gets to us before you arrive, we will tip the driver and just settle up with you at the end of the party.
  4. Can I have pizza delivered for by Gold or Silver party since food isn’t included? Sure. If the pizza gets to us before you arrive, we will tip the driver and just settle up with you at the end of the party.
  5. How much pizza should I order for my 20 kid party? We usually recommend about four pies. You can also ask pizza places to cut the slices in half as that size works better for younger kids.
  6. How much juice do 20 kids drink? We would serve like four 2-quart containers of juice. You will probably have some left over. Or do something like 1.5 juice-boxes per child.
  7. How many bags of chips for 20 kids? We would buy about 3 large bags of chips, pretzels or the like for that many kids.
  8. Is there time to eat pizza in an 1.5 hour long party? Yes. All it means is that there will be slightly less time for the kids to decorate and play with their robots. Some people who want to include pizza in the party but do not want to take party time to eat have the kids go to nearby restaurant right before or after the party. This works well too!
  9. When should I have the food delivered? We recommend having the food delivered 15-30 minutes before your party start time. Then while the kids are waiting for the other guests to arrive they can munch on whatever you bring.
  10. If we have snacks, when do they get served? The parents normally arrive up to 30 minutes early and set up snacks. The kids then eat their snacks while they are waiting for the other children to arrive.
  11. Will there be tables set up for the things I bring? Yes, we will have tables set up for you. You should coordinate with our party coordinator so she knows how many tables to set up. We normally set up two to three tables.
  12. There is time for cake, right? Yes, we do cake at the end of the party.
  13. Do you provide the plates, utensils, cups, candles, lighters, etc? For the Silver and Gold parties we do not provide those things. They are included in the Platinum party.
  14. Do you have a cake knife, a wine opener and/or a bottle opener that we can use during the party? Yes. We do.
  15. Will I need tablecloths for the food tables? If you want, you can bring table clothes. We will cover the tables with butcher paper with a fun birthday message for your child. But if you prefer table clothes, that is fine too.