Who we are

a19d2d08-38a5-4644-95ac-3617a4a88a07_r-f-00-1 Who We Are:

The Brooklyn Robot Foundry strives to empower kids through building. We want to show kids that anyone can build a robot and the robots you make can be anything you want! We are equally committed to encouraging kids to take ownership of their creations, to learn from their mistakes and get creative in the process. Our capable and well-trained staff loves working with kids and learning from them as much as they learn from us!

At the Foundry, we appreciate each child’s unique set of strengths and interests. We love to be open to all types of learners, and many of our classes require no previous building experience!

Founded by current owner Jenny Young, we are especially conscious of making a space where both boys and girls feel comfortable being and expressing themselves through their personalities and their projects.

We are thrilled to have the trust and support of our community and the parents who send their kids to our programs again and again. We believe a big part of that is due to our incredible staff who are engaged and inspired by the work we do here.

We strive to make an environment that is educational, community-based and most of all, fun! Come check us out and sign up for a class today!

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How long we’ve been doing it:

2016 summer sessions will be our fifth year in Brooklyn and our third in Manhattan. Here’s to many more!

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