After School Classes

While schools may take on a different form this year, the Robot Foundry will continue to offer our very popular after school classes online, just like normal(ish)! We have added even more classes this year, to accommodate various school schedules and time zones.

All of our classes take place in secure Zoom classrooms. Standard registration closes 10 days before the start of any session, to allow sufficient time to send you the materials needed without expedited shipping costs. In addition, students will need basic household tools and decorations. If you do not already have these, you may purchase our tool add-on kit at checkout. Registrations after the 10-day cut-off may require additional rushed shipping costs and/or a delayed start.

We offer the following three types of After School Classes. Click on any to learn more:

Robot Builders is our signature After School class, featuring a new robot project each week. Children will be introduced to a new engineering concept weekly as they enjoy the hands-on building experience. Creativity is encouraged as children decorate and customize their creations, once built.

Children are grouped by age (6-8 and 9-12) into small classes adhering to our 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Classes meet for one hour on weekdays at either 3pm ET (12 PT) or 5pm ET (2pm PT) in 6 week-terms. Students can sign up for the first term, the second term, or both. Each term will feature new projects, so students can join us for the entire year without repeating projects!

1st Term: September 14th – October 30th $240
Late registrations available for select classes. Session runs 9/28-10/30 $160

2nd Term: November 2nd – December 18th $240
Standard registration closes Oct 20th

Robot Inventors is an advanced class for children who would enjoy a more open-ended robot-building experience. Each week in this class, children are introduced to simple engineering components, the real-world implementations, and the possible application within their own building. Students are then asked to experiment and design their own creations, using all they have learned.

While students are given abundant instruction and direction, this class is considered an inquiry-based class, with ample trial and error. Children must be comfortable with the notion of failure as an important part of the learning experience. For this reason, we understand that this class will not be a good fit for all children.

Classes will maintain a minimum 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio, to ensure all students get ample attention. Classes meet for one hour on Mondays or Thursdays at either 3pm ET (12 PT) or 5pm ET (2pm PT) in 6 week-terms. The curriculum for this class will be accumulative, allowing students to build on their knowledge throughout the season. Therefore, students must be enrolled in the first term to continue with the second term.

1st Term: September 14th – October 30th $240
Late registrations available for select classes. Session runs 9/28-10/30 $160

2nd Term*: November 2nd – December 18th $240
Standard registration closes Oct 20th
*must take 1st term to enroll

This 6-week course is for new and returning students, ages 9-13 years old who are ready to build and code! Students will create robots that interact in the real world, combining the thrill of hands-on building with real electronics (servos, LEDs, motors, sensors) and programming.

Each student will receive all of their robot-making supplies, as well as the fantastic Hummingbird robotics kit. Students will be required to have an iPad to operate the coding platform, as well as other basic household supplies (screwdriver, tape, etc.). No prior programming experience is required and when the class is over, your child will have the skills and confidence to build on their own using the Hummingbird platform.

Classes meet Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 4-5:30pm ET (1-2:30pm PT) in 6 week-terms. Students can sign up for the first term, the second term, or both. Students taking both terms will be introduced to increasingly complex projects and encouraged to create ones of their own design as well.

1st Term: September 14th – October 30th $450*
2nd Term: November 2nd – December 18th $450* Standard registration closes Oct 23rd

*Coding classes require additional one-time purchase of Hummingbird Kit ($199). Kit can be used repeatedly for future sessions.


  1. Is it okay if my child has never taken a class with you before? Yes! We love meeting new students and we will be starting every new session with the basics, so no one will ever feel behind.
  2. My child is very mature for their age, may I sign them up for a session that is above their age level? Sorry, but we are strict with ages levels to ensure that children have a great experience during our classes.
  3. Are there any make-up classes? We will offer makeup classes at the end of each session. The makeup class will most likely be at a different time and/or day than the child’s normal class. See our makeup policy for more information.
  4. My child was in your summer session and/or one of your other after school programs. Will the curriculum for this program be different? Yes! We create new projects every semester with as few repeats as possible. We will occasionally bring back some of our “best of” or beginner projects to get new kids up to speed but after that, the robots will be new.
  5. What is your cancellation policy? See our cancellation policy.
  6. What does my child need for the class? You will need a computer or iPad with a working camera and microphone, as well as the Zoom app. We will provide you with a how-to guide on using Zoom for the class. Coding students will need an iPad with a working camera and microphone, as well as the BirdBlox app.
    We will also provide you with a list of basics, many of which you probably already own. In the case that you don’t have something, you can easily order it directly from our Amazon wish list. Or order one of our Tool add-ons when you purchase the session.
  7. The class is sold out. What do I do now?  We regularly add classes due to demand. Please email our customer service team so they may contact you when a class has been added at your requested times.
  8. Will you be offering in-person classes?  Not at this time. We feel it is in the best interest of our students and teachers to remain completely virtual at this point.
  9. I missed the Standard Registration cutoff, can I still sign my child up for classes? Yes, we will allow later registrations, if there is still room and the child won’t be starting too far behind the other students in the class. Depending on the date and your location, late registrations may require expedited shipping at an additional cost. If we determine that you will not receive the materials in time for the first class, we will either schedule a makeup class or prorate the session.