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Introducing STEAM RoboLabs!

We’re incredibly excited to be rolling out our newest programs – RoboLab: Science and RoboLab:Art! These classes have been designed to fill in the gaps in science and art education during remote/hybrid learning, delivering (literally) the necessary hands-on experimentation crucial to these subjects.

We’re kicking off our RoboLab: Science program with a 10-week program focussing on the NYS 1st grade curriculum of light and sound. Children will build several robot projects with us (we’ll send all of the materials), which they will use week to week to gain a deeper understanding of how we see and hear. In addition to our in-class learning, students will be encouraged to continue their experimentation between classes. While most ideal for 1st graders, these classes are also open to 2nd-5th graders as well. Students will be grouped by age into classes of 6 or less, to allow for plenty of individualized attention and social interaction.

RoboLab: Art is a 4-week program studying visual arts and technique for children 6-12 years old, using robots and other hands-on projects. We will share more details once the curriculum is finalized, but this combination is bound to be a highlight of your child’s week! Registration opens mid-September.

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