Family Club

Finally, parents get to stay in the room for this one!

Family Club is available in three flavors – click on any to find out more…

Our original Family Club was introduced to allow parents and their elementary-age children to build together; bonding, laughing, learning, and making friends along the way.

Parent/child partnerships meet in our online classroom to collaborate on a different robot project each week, in this 3-class series. It is offered twice a year – in fall and spring.

Family Club: Remote Edition was introduced to help family members afar connect through more than just a phone call. We offer a variety of these one-time classes for children 6-11 years old to build along with their distant family or friends.

During these classes, not only will each child build their own robot, so will their grandparent/uncle/cousin or friend with whom they registered. They will discover a whole new side of each other, encouraging each other through struggles and applauding design choices. The final robots will make excellent souvenirs of this unique experience for all involved!

Looking for a party that’s fun and engaging for all ages? Family Club: Party Edition brings extended families together with this fun robot-building get-together suitable for all occasions.

You pick the date and time and we’ll send 8 robot kits to whichever family members will be building. No need to limit the invitations – additional family members are welcome to join and watch the fun unfold as well.