Kid’s Parties @ 4th Street

We will start hosting small, in-person parties at our 4th Street location in 2022. We will continue to offer online parties as well.

Let us host your child’s next super fun, robot-filled, birthday celebration! Your child and their friends will each get to build an awesome moving robot, as well as take part in other fun activities, led by our amazing teachers. Our parties are unique, creative, memorable and FUN for all!


  • Parties are held at our 98 4th Street, Brooklyn, location. Events typically run 1- 1.5 hours and are available by request most weekends, as well as select weekdays.
  • During the party, each child will build and decorate their own moving robot. Children 2-5 years will need to attend with an adult. Parties for children 6-11 are considered drop-off events.
  • All attendees 5 yrs and up must show proof of vaccination to enter.
  • The base party package covers up to 6 children, but you can add additional guests up to a total of 20 children. We also offer several party favor options.
  • $375 for up to 6 children, $60 per additional child reserved in advance, $75 per additional child added within one week of party.

Base Package: $375 for up to 6 children, $60 per additional child
Others add-ons available at checkout


What makes Robot Foundry parties so special is that each child gets to build their very own moving robot, and then get creative, customizing it however they desire.

We work with the children as we build, giving them plenty of guidance and support. We also allow for plenty of socializing and celebrating – this is a party after all! We want to make sure that everyone has a great time celebrating and will work with you to incorporate any necessary accommodations.

We also want to make sure this is easy for parents. Once the party is booked, all you’ll have to do is show up! We will follow standard Covid protocols, keeping your guests safe, while still making sure there’s plenty of fun to be had! You’re welcome to bring a cake to complete the celebration – we’ll provide a robot to help safely extinguish the candles!


  1. Do children need any prior building experience?
    No! Our unique teaching method and low student:teacher ratio allow children to build independently right from the start. Children 2-5 years old will need to build alongside their adult.
  2. Can I host my party next week?
    Maybe! We generally require at least 2 weeks notice, so all of the materials can be prepped. Reach out to us to check for availability.
  3. Will I pay based on the number of guests invited or the number that attends?
    You will be charged the base price of the party, plus the per-child cost for any additional children (after the first 6, including the birthday child) that attended, as well as any other add-ons you’ve chosen. Please note the fee for additional children does increase within one week of party date.
  4. What if I have more than 20 children to invite?
    Unfortunately our in-person parties are currently capped at 20 children. However, we are able to accommodate much larger parties online. Please read more about our online parties here.
  5. Is gratuity for the staff included in the party price? 
    Gratuity is completely at your discretion. If you think the staff did an outstanding job and you want to tip them, feel free to do so. However, tips are not required.
  6. Should the parents’ of the guests stay for the party? 
    The parties are designed as drop-offs starting at age 6. While parents are welcome to stay, but suggest that they do not, due to size and noise constraints of the space. If parents do stay, we suggest limiting it to one parent per child for parties of 10 or fewer children. We advise adults that the kids seem to enjoy themselves more if they are allowed to build the robots on their own. All parties of 11 or more children must be drop-off due to size constraints.
  7. If younger siblings attend but do not build robots, do they count towards the child count? 
    No, only children who build robots count towards the child count. Please keep in mind though, this also means our staff will be focussing on teaching during the event and will not be able to attend to younger children.
  8. What are your Covid protocols?
    Please read about all of our Covid policies here.
  9. May I come early to set up? 
    Sure, you can arrive up to 30 minutes before your scheduled party start time. But please make sure your guests don’t arrive until the actual start time.
  10. Can we bring balloons and other decorations for the party? 
    Sure. Our teachers will do their best to help you set up however they will also be setting up the robot-building portion of the party and getting the space ready. If you intend to bring a lot of additional items, please be sure you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled start time and with a buddy to help you set up the decorations!
  11. Are there things that we cannot bring to the party? 
    The party timeline is packed, so please avoid bringing any additional activities. We also ask that you do bring glitter or confetti, as they’re so hard to clean up, as well as inflatable swords, noisemakers, or anything else that might cause the children to get too rowdy!
  12. Will the party start right at the start time? 
    Typically, all of the people arrive by about 10/15 minutes after the start time of the party. We entertain the kids while the others arrive. We talk with the host parent to determine when enough children are present to start the activity.