Mini Robot Makers @ Brooklyn Locations

These classes are a super fun way to introduce engineering to our smallest builders! Children 2-5 years old will love working alongside their grown-ups to build a new robot each week.

Mini Robot Makers classes are designed specifically for our smallest builders, introducing robotics concepts with a very accessible approach. Each class begins with a story, featuring our signature Robot Foundry characters Adrien and DJ. The story will not only entertain the children, it introduces that day’s engineering concept and robot project. Then the children will build their own robot (with some help from their grown-ups), just like the characters from the story!

We offer 7 different versions of these classes, with an 8th coming soon, which can be taken in any combination and order. Each curriculum features completely different projects, so families can take multiple sessions without repeating projects.

Mini Makers classes will be available exclusively online this fall.
Click here for more information on our online classes.