Mini Robot Makers – Online

These classes are a super fun way to introduce engineering to our smallest builders! Children 2-5 years old will love working alongside their grown-ups to build a new robot each week.

Mini Robot Makers classes are designed specifically for our smallest builders, introducing robotics concepts with a very accessible approach. Each class begins with a story, featuring our signature Robot Foundry characters Adrien and DJ. The story will not only entertain the children, it introduces that day’s engineering concept and robot project. Then the children will build their own robot (with some help from their grown-ups), just like the characters from the story!

We offer 8 different versions of these classes, which can be taken in any combination and order. Each curriculum features completely different projects, so families can take multiple sessions without repeating projects.

Classes meet weekly for 4 weeks

Currently available exclusively for private groups – either in-person or online.


  1. Is it okay if my child has never taken a class with you before? Yes! We love meeting new students and we will be starting every new semester with the basics, so no one will ever feel behind.
  2. My child is very mature for their age, may I sign them up for a session that is above their grade level? Sorry, but we are strict with ages and grade levels. The child must be enrolled in the grade that is listed on that program.
  3. Are there any make-up classes? We will do our best to schedule another online session for your child for the project that they missed. The makeup class will take place the next time that project is being built, which will be a different time/day than your original class, or even another semester.
  4. What is your cancellation policy? See our cancellation policy.
  5. What do we need for the online class? You will need a computer or iPad with a working camera and microphone, as well as the Zoom app. You will need a #1 screwdriver and tape, which are included in the basic tool kit. In addition, you will need simple crafting supplies, including crayons or markers. For those looking to have even more decoration choices, we offer decoration add-on kits at checkout.