One Time Classes

We currently offer seven individual, online One-Time Classes for 6-10 year olds and we will be adding brand new projects in the fall! These classes can serve as a perfect introduction to our longer sessions or can be grouped together to form your own mini-session. They’re also a great supplement for our existing students who would like additional building time.

Simply choose the projects your child would like to build from our shop and once you receive everything, we will schedule you into the next corresponding classes. The classes do require that you have some basic supplies at home, such as a glue gun, scissors, tape, Philips screwdriver, markers and crafting supplies for decoration. If you are short on these supplies, you can purchase our Tool add-on kit.

Each class will be limited to 6 students and held in a secure online classroom via Zoom. Classes run approximately run 60 minutes.

Classes take place at 3pm EDT (12pm PST) Monday through Thursday, as well as by request.

Due to unpredictable shipping times, we can not place you in a specific class until you have your robot kit in-hand. Once you receive your package, please contact us to reserve your child’s seat in the next available classes, or whichever classes work best with your schedule.

The current schedule is shown below, but we are also adding classes constantly to meet demand.

DateStart TimeProject
Thurs. 7/303p EDT / 12p PDTAntigravitron (Ages 6-10)
Dynamo Spinner (Ages 7-10)
Mon. 8/33p EDT / 12p PDTDynamo Spinner (Ages 7-10)
Wed. 8/53p EDT / 12p PDTRoboscope (Ages 6-10)
Thur. 8/63p EDT / 12p PDTAntigravitron (Ages 6-10)
Mon. 8/103p EDT/ 12p PDTMudskipper (Ages 7-10)
Tues. 8/113p EDT/ 12p PDTTrain (Ages 8-10)
Wed. 8/123p EDT/ 12p PDTSpace Helmet (Ages 6-10)
Thurs. 8/133p EDT/ 12p PDTMudskipper (Ages 7-10)
Roboscope (Ages 6-10)
Mon. 8/173p EDT/ 12p PDTDynamo Spinner (Ages 7-10)
Tues. 8/183p EDT/ 12p PDTMagnet-O-Scale (Ages 7-10)
Wed. 8/193p EDT/ 12p PDTMudskipper (Ages 7-10)
Thurs. 8/203p EDT/ 12p PDTAntigravitron (Ages 6-10)

Cost: $ 40 per class

Purchase 3 or more classes and get 10% off with code: MoreRobots


  1. Is it okay if my child has never taken a class with you before? Yes! We love meeting new students and we will be starting every new semester with the basics, so no one will ever feel behind.
  2. My child is very mature for their age, may I sign them up for a session that is above their grade level? Each project has been tested and we stand behind the recommended ages. We do this because we want every child to have a great experience and not leave a class frustrated.
  3. My child was in your summer session and/or one of your other after school programs. Will the curriculum for this program be different? The One Time Class projects have been chosen because they were very popular with our recent after school students. However, they were just introduced to the curriculum this spring. So, if your child was enrolled this spring, it is likely they have done these projects, but otherwise they will not be a repeat for anyone else.
  4. What is your cancellation policy? See our cancellation policy.
  5. What does my child need for the class? You will need a computer or iPad with a working camera and microphone, as well as the Zoom app. We will provide you with a how-to guide on using Zoom for the class. We will also provide you with a list of basics, many of which you probably already own. In the case that you don’t have something, you can easily order it directly from our Amazon wish list. Or order one of our Tool add-ons when you purchase the session.