Online Summer Sessions

Just like tons of families, we’re having a hard time thinking about summer without our beloved Summer Sessions! So, we’re doing the next-best thing and offering Online Summer Circuits starting in July!

Summer Circuits will meet virtually Monday through Thursday for 3 hours of games, crafts, movement and of course our signature robot-making, featuring a brand-new robot project each day. Children will be engaged, entertained and educated with the variety of programming every day. Choose the morning session (9a – 12p EDT), the afternoon session (1 – 4p EDT / 10a-1p PDT), or both!

There are 4 different circuits (Red, Orange, Yellow & Green) for children 6-8 years and 2 different circuits (Blue & Purple) for children 9-12 years old. The different colors signify different curricula of the robot projects, activities, and other fun within each circuit. You can sign your child up for multiple circuits, in any order, but we don’t recommend repeating any colors.


Price: $250

Registration will close 2 weeks before the start of each Summer Circuit, to allow for sufficient time to assemble and deliver materials.


  1. What will my child need? We will be sending you all of the robot parts, so you will only need the following:
    – A computer or iPad with internet access, camera, microphone and the Zoom app. We will provide you with more information on using the app.
    – Common household tools (screwdriver, tape, etc.) and craft items (glue, markers, paper, etc.). These items are also available to purchase as an add-on option that can be sent with your robot kit.
    – a daily snack
  2. What do the colors mean? Each color represents a different group of projects that the children will do over those 4 days. We have assigned these colors to help parents plan multiple sessions for their children without risk of repeating any projects. The colors have been assigned at random and do not represent anything specific about the projects themselves! The various circuits can be taken in any combination and/or order.
  3. Can my 5yr old sign up? Unfortunately we are strict with our age cutoffs because we want to make sure each child has a great experience. The projects for these age groups are designed to be done without parent assistance and can be frustrating for younger students.
  4. Can I sign my child up for just one or two days? We are only offering the full 4-day circuits at this point. If you’re interested in something shorter, please look at our individual, one-time classes, which we’ll be offering on select days this summer.
  5. Do I have to live in New York City to participate? Of course not! The benefit of these virtual sessions is now children all across the country can participate in our robot classes! Please remember to calculate the time difference (times listed are EDT) and expect additional shipping charges if you are particularly far.
  6. What is the ratio of students to teachers? We have a maximum 6:1 student to teacher ratio in all of our robot-building classes. We may occasionally pull together a bigger group for a game or activity that works better with large numbers, but it is very rare.
  7. Does my child need experience making robots? Not at all. We welcome new builders and experienced builders alike! We will always start each week with an introduction of our basic principles and add on new concepts throughout the week.
  8. My child has attended classes at the Robot Foundry in the past, will they have done any of these projects before? We introduce brand-new projects each summer for all of our sessions. Sometimes we do bring back something that was very popular in the past, but with a new twist!
  9. Can my child attend all day? Children can attend both the morning session (9a-12p EDT) and the afternoon session (1-4p EDT) but there will be a lunch break from 12-1, when children will have to log out of Zoom.
  10. Can my child attend all summer?
    We offer 4 different groups of projects for children 6-8 years old. Each of these circuits has been assigned a color, so they can attend all 4 colors but we do not suggest they repeat any color circuit. Children can attend two circuits during the same week (one morning, one afternoon) and/or they can spread them out over separate weeks. These circuits can be taken in any combination and any order – choose whatever works best for your schedule.
    For children 9-12 years old, there are 2 colored circuits, so they can take one or both, in any order. They can be taken during the same week (one morning, one afternoon) or separate weeks.
  11. Will my child be staring at a screen for 3 hours? Children will be logged into our Zoom classroom for the entire 3 hours, but they will not just be sitting there staring at the screen. Each day’s programming will include multiple movement breaks, hands-on activities, games and other fun that aim to engage children mentally, socially, and physically.
  12. Can my child attend with a friend? Yes, if you would like to sign your child up with friends in the same circuit, please contact our customer service team to let them know and we will group the children accordingly. Please note that each group is limited to 6 children, as we always adhere to our standard student:teacher ratio.