Online Summer 2022

We’re so excited for another amazing summer! Summer Circuits are our week-long virtual programs that feature 3 hours of games, crafts, movement and of course, our signature robot-making! Children will be engaged, entertained, and educated with the variety of programming every day, all without having to go anywhere! We’ll send you all of the materials in advance – no shopping required.

We offer two sessions each week – choose one or both!
9a – 12p ET / 6 – 9a PT
1 – 4p ET / 10a – 1p PT

Circuit Descriptions:

Monster Mayhem: Who says monsters aren’t real? We’ll spend the week making mythical creatures and having monster-sized fun! (6-10yrs)

Snack Attack: Calling all foodies! We’ve got a lot of delicious looking robots on the menu for this week – just don’t eat any of them! (6-10yrs)

Botty Parts: Is it a mega robot or a bunch of individual robots? It’s both! This robot-themed week will all come together at the end and transform your summer!(6-10yrs)

Bayou Blast: Turn up the zydeco and get ready for a swampy good time as our adventures take us from N’walins to the Everglades! (6-10yrs)

Wizards & Whimsy: Grab your wand and hop the train to our magic robot academy for a week of wizarding fun! (8-12yrs)

Tools R Cool: Let’s light things up! And cool things down! And make lots of other stuff that is awesomely useful during this super amazing week! (8-12yrs)


Robot Builders (6-10 years old)

WEEK DATES9a-12p ET / 6-9a PT1-4p ET / 10a-1p PT
1June 13 – 17Monster Mayhem FULLSnack Attack FULL
2June 21 – 24*Botty Parts FULLBayou Blast FULL
3June 27 – July 1 Snack Attack FULLMonster Mayhem FULL
4July 5 – 8*Bayou BlastBotty Parts FULL
5July 11 – 15Monster Mayhem FULLSnack Attack
6July 18 – 22Botty PartsBayou Blast
7July 25 – 29Snack AttackMonster Mayhem
8Aug 1 – 5Bayou BlastBotty Parts
9Aug 8 – 12Monster MayhemSnack Attack
10Aug 15 – 19Botty PartsBayou Blast
11Aug 22 – 26Snack Attack FULLMonster Mayhem FULL
12Aug 29 – Sept 2Bayou Blast FULLBotty Parts FULL
*The weeks of June 21 and July 5 run Tuesday-Friday only

Robot Inventors (8-12 years old)

WEEKDATES9a-12p ET / 6-9a PT1-4p ET / 10a-1p PT
1June 13 – 17Wizards & Whimsy FULLTools R Cool FULL
2June 21 – 24*Tools R Cool FULLWizards & Whimsy FULL
3June 27 – July 1Wizards & Whimsy FULLTools R Cool FULL
4July 5 – 8*Tools R Cool FULLWizards & Whimsy
5July 11 – 15Wizards & WhimsyWizards & Whimsy FULL
6July 18 – 22Tools R Cool FULLWizards & Whimsy
7July 25 – 29Wizards & Whimsy FULLTools R Cool FULL
8Aug 1 – 5Tools R Cool FULLWizards & Whimsy
9Aug 8 – 12Wizards & Whimsy FULLWizards & Whimsy
10Aug 15 – 19Tools R Cool FULLWizards & Whimsy
11Aug 22 – 26Wizards & Whimsy FULLTools R Cool FULL
12Aug 29 – Sept 2Tools R Cool FULLWizards & Whimsy FULL
*The weeks of June 21 and July 5 run Tuesday-Friday only

Sample Day:

Welcome, Introductions, etc
Movement Break
Movement Break
Snack & Stories
Lesson + Robot Building
Movement Break
Share & Goodbyes


$300 + $75 materials fee ($375 total per week)
$315 for the weeks of June 21st and July 5th – Total will be discounted in the cart

*All programs now require a one-time tool kit purchase for each child. Please keep the tools for future classes.

Registration Deadlines:
Standard Shipping – 10 days before start
Express Shipping – Thursday (10a) prior
Curbside Pickup – Friday prior


  1. What will my child need? We will be sending you all of the robot parts, as well as a tool kit, so you will only need the following:
    – A computer or iPad with Zoom.
    – Markers/crayons and scissors
    – a daily snack
    – Additional craft/decoration items are encouraged, but not necessary
  2. How many weeks can my child attend? Is there an order? Each theme features completely unique projects. And we love them all, so of course we recommend signing up for every one! Each theme is stand-alone and can be taken in any order. However, we do not recommend repeating any particular theme.
  3. What is the difference between Robot Builders and Robot Inventors? Robot Builders is aimed our our newer builders, with projects and other activities to suit their skill level. Robot Inventors is aimed at our more experienced builders, with projects best suited for their skill level. Students who have taken multiple programs with us will enjoy the open-ended opportunities that the Inventors program allows.
  4. I have an 8.5-year old, which program should they take? If your child is new to the Robot Foundry, they will probably enjoy starting with the Robot Builders program for as many weeks as they choose, and then taking the Robot Inventors program once they are more familiar with our building process.
    If your child has been with the Foundry for a while, you can choose either, or both! Please note that the Robot Inventors program will be more open-ended, and include more trial and error. Some children revel at this opportunity, while others prefer a more directed experience.
  5. Can my 5yr old sign up? Unfortunately we are strict with our age cutoffs because we want to make sure each child has a great experience. The projects for these age groups are designed to be done without parent assistance and can be frustrating for younger students.
  6. Can I sign my child up for just one or two days? Unfortunately, we will only be offering our full week program, Summer Circuits, which requires signing up for the entire week.
  7. Do I have to live in New York City to participate? Of course not! The benefit of these virtual sessions is now children all across the country can participate in our robot classes! Please remember to calculate the time difference and expect additional shipping charges if you are particularly far.
  8. What is the ratio of students to teachers? While we start and end our days as a big group, most of the time students are in breakout rooms with a maximum 6:1 student to teacher ratio. We may occasionally pull together a bigger group for a game or activity that works better with large numbers, but it is rare.
  9. Does my child need experience making robots? Not at all. We welcome new builders and experienced builders alike! We will always start each week with an introduction of our basic principles and add on new concepts throughout the week.
  10. My child has attended classes at the Robot Foundry in the past, will they have done any of these projects before? We introduce brand-new projects each summer for all of our sessions. Sometimes we do bring back something that was very popular in the past, but always with a new twist!
  11. Can my child attend all day? Children can attend both the morning session (9a-12p ET) and the afternoon session (1-4p ET) but there will be a lunch break from 12-1, when children will have to log out of Zoom.
  12. Can my child attend all summer?
    We offer 4 different groups of projects for children 6-10 years old. Each of these circuits has a specific theme, so they can attend all 4, but we do not suggest they repeat any. Children can attend two circuits during the same week (one morning, one afternoon) and/or they can spread them out over separate weeks. These circuits can be taken in any combination and any order – choose whatever works best for your schedule.
    For children 8-12 years old, there are 2 themes, so they can take one or both, in any order. They can be taken during the same week (one morning, one afternoon) or separate weeks.
  13. Will my child be staring at a screen for 3 hours? Children will be logged into our Zoom classroom for the entire 3 hours, but they will not just be sitting there staring at the screen. Each day’s programming will include multiple movement breaks, hands-on activities, games and other fun that aim to engage children mentally, socially, and physically.
  14. Can my child attend with a friend? Yes, if you would like to sign your child up with friends in the same circuit, please let us know and we will do your best to keep them together. There is an opportunity to give us this information during the registration process, or you can contact our customer service team if you’ve already registered and want to add a request. Please note that each group is limited to 6 children, as we always adhere to our standard student:teacher ratio, so we will not be able to keep larger groups together.