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RoboLab: Science

We’ve taken all the best parts of classroom science and combined them with robots to create this awesome inquiry-based online class. Each RoboLab: Science curriculum is centered around hands-on exploration and experimentation.

Taking an inquiry-based approach, we ask big questions and work with the children to figure out the answers through experimentation. While these classes have a more academic focus than our after school classes, there will still be robot-building! Students will build an average of 4 robots each semester (approximately every other week). These robots will be used to illustrate and further explore various components of the curriculum. Some projects will be quick, while others may sustain over several weeks. Students will also be encouraged to continue their scientific exploration between classes with additional (optional) experiments and challenges.

We are currently offering this class privately and within after school programs. If your child attends one of the programs listed below, please contact them directly about joining our class. If you’d like to bring our awesome robot-building classes to your school, or if you’d like to arrange private group classes, please reach out to us.

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