Our Origin Story

Just like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Disney, the very beginning of Brooklyn Robot Foundry started in a garage. Founder/CEO, Jenny Young, spent a great deal of time building with her father in their family’s garage when she was growing up. She learned how familiar things worked by taking them apart, and how to put them back together in new combinations. It was this hands-on building experience that stayed with Jenny and ultimately sparked the idea for Brooklyn Robot Foundry.

After getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, Jenny worked in various areas of design, manufacturing, supply chain management and software development. During this time, Jenny became proficient in process-driven systems, and unknowingly, accumulating the crucial knowledge to build a successful franchise corporation.

It was when she was working in education technology that Jenny saw an overwhelming need for more open-ended, hands-on learning for elementary school students. Between reduced school budgets, overcrowding, and standardized testing, students were no longer getting an immersive engineering education. If only they could have a garage of their own!

In 2011, Jenny launched Brooklyn Robot Foundry at the New York City Maker Faire. The unique approach would combine kid-friendly projects with room for experimentation and creative design, resulting in working robots and empowered, elated, children.

For the first year, Jenny ran the company as a mobile business. In 2012, the first permanent brick and mortar was opened in Brooklyn, with 4 more locations opening across New York City in the following years.

Jenny saw that further expansion was limited by the financial onus of brick-and-mortar locations and decided to return to the mobile model. This mobile model would also enable Brooklyn Robot Foundry to reach a broader and more diverse group of students.

Starting in 2015, Jenny leveraged her expertise in systems and began establishing the core systems of the franchise business. The systems were tested, documents were perfected, branding was refined, a pandemic was endured, and finally in 2022, Brooklyn Robot Foundry began offering franchise opportunities!