Electrosushi Class

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Electrosushi Materials


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Basic Tool Kit (Required)

Foundry Decorations Add-On (optional)

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Classic Decoration Add-On (optional)

If you have any suggestions on how our teachers can work better with your child, please let us know here.

If your child requires any special accommodations, please place them here

I represent that I am a custodial parent or legal guardian of the child I am enrolling, and I hereby grant permission to Brooklyn Robot Foundry to photograph or record on video tape all class activities and to use any photograph or video in which my child appears in for promotional literature, displays or any other format representing Brooklyn Robot Foundry to the community including the Brooklyn Robot Foundry website. I release all rights to such.

28 in stock

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Weight 17 oz

Classic Decoration Add-On (optional)

Weight 10 oz
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