Party Add On: Paper Fun (for 10 guests)




Ooooh… this is a fun add on!

We wanted to create a physical way for kids to connect in this new virtual world! This add on includes enough materials for your birthday child and 10 guests to communicate through snail mail.

Each guest will receive a stamped postcard to send to the birthday child. All you have to provide is your child’s address, we do the rest.

Each guest will receive instructions on how to fill out a really cute postcard with a robot picture on the front and a heartfelt birthday greeting on the back. Each guest will also be asked to fill in one word for a MadLib style birthday activity.

The guests will then mail the postcards to your child so they get tons of fun notes in the mail.

Then on the other side… your special birthday child will receive an incomplete robot themed MadLib-style story. As the postcards arrive, your child will fill in the missing words to make their own custom, friend-created birthday story.

Your child will receive 10 beautiful thank you cards and envelopes for each guest.

We suggest photocopying the filled in story to send back each guests with the thank you card hence completing the virtual friendship game.

Virtual meet physical meet friends! So fun!

***Each package is for a party of 10 guests + one birthday child***

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