RoboLab: Science (online)

We’ve taken all the best parts of classroom science and combined them with robots to create this awesome inquiry-based online class. Each RoboLab: Science curriculum is centered around hands-on exploration and experimentation.

Taking an inquiry-based approach, we ask big questions and work with the children to figure out the answers through experimentation. While these classes have a more academic focus than our after school classes, there will still be robot-building! Students will build an average of 4 robots each semester (approximately every other week). These robots will be used to illustrate and further explore various components of the curriculum. Some projects will be quick, while others may sustain over several weeks. Students will also be encouraged to continue their scientific exploration between classes with additional (optional) experiments and challenges.

Our curricula aligns with the NYS Science Learning Standards, giving students a deeper exploration into concepts they will be learning in school. We currently offer three RoboLab: Science courses:

Light & Sound: Waves, vibration, illumination, & communication (10 wks)
Forces – Effects of physical, directional, electric, & magnetic forces. (9wks) *8-12yrs
Sun & Moon: Patterns of the sun/moon, seasons, & solar alignment (9wks)

Each program is open to 6-12 year olds, except where noted, and meets online weekly for 1 hour during the following times. We also offer these classes to private groups and as school residencies, to be scheduled at your convenience.


Light & Sound (10 weeks)

$400 ($350 program fee + $50 materials)

September 27 –
December 10

Mondays @ 3pm ET(12pm PT)
Mondays @ 5pm ET (2pm PT)
Tuesdays @ 7pm ET (4pm PT)

Sun & Moon (9 weeks)

$365 ($315 program fee + $50 materials)

January 10 –
March 21

Mondays @ 3:30p ET(12:30p PT)
Mondays @ 5:30p ET (2:30p PT)
Tuesdays @ 7:30p ET (4:30p PT)

Forces (9 weeks)

$365 ($315 program fee + $50 materials)

March 28 –
June 6

Mondays @ 3:30p ET(12:30p PT)
Mondays @ 5:30p ET (2:30p PT)

Please note, we recommend registering 10+ days before the start of class if choosing standard shipping. Expedited shipping will be available at an additional cost. Local pickup is also available in Gowanus, Brooklyn, free of charge, until the day before class.