Build & Booze: Adult Classes

Grab a chilled beverage and get ready to build in this awesome virtual get-together for adults!


Why should kids get all the fun? Make it a super fun night when we host a class for you and your friends! Each adult attending will build their own robot, while laughing, socializing and maybe even learning something new.

Your group will meet in our virtual classroom to build a super cool Bronco Bot and get ready for the Robot Rodeo! We will send you all of the necessary robot parts, so all you have to do is grab your preferred beverages and giddy’up!

Want a suggested pairing? How about a Cowboy Cosmo or a Mustang Margarita? We’ll provide the recipes! We may even have drinking game or two to accompany the project! You’ll have so much fun you won’t want the night to end!

Just let us know which evening works best for you (classes are offered M-F at 7pm EDT) and we’ll reserve the night. Then have all of your friends sign up at least 2weeks in advance of class date to make sure they’ll receive all of their materials in time. No previous building experience required.

Classes last 60-90minutes, depending on group size.

$35 per person + shipping

Please reserve a date with our customer service team before purchasing class.