Company Events

Bring your team together with a completely different, and fun, maker experience. While you may all be working separately, this fun experience will bond you with laughter.

Robot-Building = Team-Building.

Sure, there are the obvious parallels – the whole circuit must be working together to make the robot function properly, just like at work. But we’re really hoping to bring everyone together with personal connections, since that’s what makes us feel like we’re on the same team. It’s amazing how much you learn about someone by how they decorate their robot. How grateful you are for a co-worker who helps you troubleshoot your robot. And how much you admire someone for how well they handle a devastating loose screw in the final bot-off!

A Unique Event

This will definitely be a night your whole staff remembers. Partially, because they’ll each have their own robot creation sitting on their desk afterwards. But mainly because they’re going to be having so much fun!

Each employee will receive their own kit of materials for the big night. Our instructors will then teach the group how to build the circuit and put together a funky, spinning robot. Your team will have a blast building and problem solving together, as well as tapping into their creativity as they customize their handiwork. Laughter will takeover as all of the quirky creations come to life and they get to see a new side of their co-workers. We’ll throw in some design challenges as we go, for a little friendly competition and more chuckles.

All The Details

  • We can accommodate groups of 6+. For large groups, we find it best to use breakout rooms of up to 15 people each, at least during the building process. We can work with you to figure out those groupings.
  • Events run approximately 1-1.5 hours, depending on the participants.
  • Events normally take place evenings and weekends, but we can often accommodate daytime events as well.
  • Price: $50 per attendee, plus shipping.
  • We can send all of the kits to the office for you to disperse, or send them directly to each of you employees.
  • Want to include something else? We can work together to create a truly memorable robot-building event.