About Us

Brooklyn Robot Foundry offers STEAM classes for children, and sometimes adults, all over the country from its base in Brooklyn, NY.  The goal of the Robot Foundry is to share the fun of STEAM learning with children everywhere and inspire them to continue a life full of exploration, problem-solving, and imagination.  We do this by offering fun, creative and educational classes, parties, camps and field trips to children 2-13 year old.  Families can choose to register for a variety of programs, ranging in commitment from a single class to an entire semester, offered both online and in-person in Brooklyn.

  • Hands-on learning is the core of Brooklyn Robot Foundry’s classes.  When it comes to both engineering and creativity, children learn best through building. Experimentation, hand tools, tape, trial-and-error, crafting and pompoms are also all essential in the process.
  • We have developed a signature building method that allows children to build on their own, resulting not only in a cool robot, but also increased confidence.  (Children 2-5 years old are required to build with an adult, but do much of it on their own!)  All of the necessary materials are sent to each online student in advance, making getting started simple as well. 
  • We maintain a 6:1 or less student-to-teacher ratio.  This allows for plenty of individualized instruction, as well as an opportunity for children to socialize with their peers.
  • We encourage creativity and independent thinking.  We provide the guidelines for each week’s robots, but the final design is up to the student!
Founder/Owner/Awesome Human, Jenny Young

Jenny Young started the company in 2011 to give children the opportunity to learn basic STEM concepts through hands-on learning experiences. Jenny had been working in education and saw that children benefited more from an open-ended exploration of STEM concepts, rather than focussing on rote memorization and test scores. 

As Jenny expected, children absolutely loved building their own robots and parents delighted in seeing them assembling and wiring their own creations!  What started as just a few classes quickly grew into a business that included 4 store-front locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan with daily offerings, mornings to evenings, as well as production facility in Brooklyn to source and assemble the necessary components.

Children were flocking to the Robot Foundry’s locations for the engaging after school classes, camps, full days, parties and field trips, having a great time while learning the fundamentals of engineering. However in March 2020, as Covid-19 quickly shut down the city, the Foundry made a drastic pivot to operating exclusively online.

To the delight of everyone involved, this shift to streaming classes has been very successful. Students are having a great time building in the signature Robot Foundry style with their favorite teachers guiding the way, right in their own homes. The added benefit, which perhaps delights us most, is now we are able to spread this love of building to children well beyond the immediate geographical area, especially in areas where these opportunities do not normally exist. 

We have opened a new location in Gowanus, Brooklyn, for in-person classes. We are also very excited to keep our virtual classrooms open indefinitely. 

We love meeting new students and introducing them to the fun of the build!  On school days we offer a plethora of after school classes, as well as field trips. When schools are closed we offer Foundry Fundays and our week-long Summer Circuits. We also offer parties and private events throughout the year.

Current schedules can be found here.

We have an incredible staff of funny, smart, kind and generous human beings who contribute to the company in a meaningful way every day.  The diversity of our team allows us to see the world from different standpoints, as we listen and learn from each other.  We incorporate that knowledge into everything we do, from our management systems to our curriculum and daily interactions with children.

Get to know our teachers in this quick video:

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