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A team that builds robots together, has fun together!

We know the best way to bring people together is through shared experiences. It’s even better, when it’s a fun experience. And it’s the ultimate, when it’s a super silly, and totally creative experience that allows everyone to get to know each other in a new way! And don’t even make us explain the most obvious parallels of a robot and well-functioning business – a complete circuit, crossed wires, loose connections, bad parts, short circuits – it’s all just too easy!

Event Details:

Your team will have a blast building and problem solving together as they create their own awesome robots. Along with making circuits and assembling the necessary parts, each member will decorate their quirky creations however they wish. Friendly competitions will occur as we throw out design challenges to make the experience entertaining and engaging. We provide all of the materials, tools and expertise to create a truly memorable robot building session. At the end of the event, each team member can take home their robot or bring them back to the office! Let the fun and silliness begin!

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