Your franchise is a success,

What's Your Next Goal?

Your customers know you. Parents trust you. And their kids love you.

Now it’s time to give them more of what they want, and drive your revenue up too! 

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Build On Your Success

Diversify Your Offerings And score big!

You’ve worked hard to make your business a success. You know the benefits of being a franchisee. You know the growth potential of a mobile business.

You also know how hard it is to get new customers. And that once you get them, you want to keep them for as long as possible.

But what about also having that same customer purchase multiple products from you? It’s the same amount of effort, but now with far more potential!

This is the very reason so many successful franchisees have taken on multiple brands!

And why you should consider adding a Brooklyn Robot Foundry franchise to your empire.


You've Got This!

Our students don’t need previous engineering experience to enjoy the fun – and neither do you!  We have a robust training program and we will coach you through everything you’ll need to know to run your own mobile Foundry. After all, we teach 5-year-olds how to build robots, we can teach you!

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