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Offsite Birthday Party Booking

You are about to book your party and pay the deposit.

Below you will choose the size of your party

  • A small party is for up to 8 kids
  • A medium party is for up to 16 kids
  • A large party is for up to 24 kids.

When you pay the deposit, you will paying for the first 8 kids plus the cost to reserve the correct number of  teachers for your party size.

On the day of the event, you will pay for the amount of kids above 8 that attend.

We bring robots to you!

Your location

60 minutes

In-Person Class

Bundled Items & Optional Add-Ons

Birthday Party Size Offsite

Initial Material Fee

$80.00 exclusive of tax

Choose Class Date & Time

Party Information

Our scheduling and party planning team emailed with you about the time and date of your party. When you are booking, please be sure to choose the correct time and date. Even if other times show as available here when you book here, we may not actually be able to accommodate a different time/date. If you want to move your party to a different time or date, please first email before booking. Thanks!

We will need access to the space 15 minutes before to set up. The robot build will last 60 minutes. We will need about 15 minutes after the robot build is over to clean up.

If you are booking a party for a 2-5 year old. This is called a Mini Maker Party and the party requires one adult for every child. We have found that limiting your guest numbers to 10 children makes for the best party for this age group.

Payment Info

Right now you are only paying the deposit. The deposit includes the cost of up to 8 kids. If you have more than 8 kids at the party, our teacher will charge you the additional per kid price then. The additional cost is $50/kid + tax. If you have 8 or less kids, you will not be charged anything more on the day of the event.

About two weeks before your party we will email you to request a final guest count. It’s important for us to know how many kids will attend and build so that we have the right number of teachers present. If we need to add or remove teachers, we will adjust the size of your party at this time.

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