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Build with Brooklyn Robot Foundry on your own schedule! So much more than your average science kit, Whenever Workshops are the full package – all of the materials plus a pre-recorded classes that lead children through building a super fun robot. Everything they’ll need to build is included in the robot kit. All you’ll need is a device to access the video instructions and a few craft supplies to finish the decorating!

Pet Puppyborg:

What’s better than a new pet? A new robot pet that you build all by yourself! This fun robot’s energetic bouncing will have everyone giggling when the building is done

These classes have been designed for students 6-12 years old to build on their own. However, children with less building experience may require adult assistance. Children under 6 are encouraged to build alongside an adult.


Orange Brooklyn Robot Foundry box with orange glow around it, made of dots and lines.

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