Don’t Miss Out On Summer Circuits Registration!

All Summer Circuits are now sold out for the week of July 6th and registration closes this Sunday (6/28) for the week of July 13th! So, grab a spot for your child while you still can!

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Screws & Booze!

Introducing our online classes just for adults!

Gather a group of friends for a virtual happy hour like no other! Catch up while you each build your very own Bronco Bot and then put them to the test in your private online rodeo!

Just pick a night – classes are normally held at 7pm EDT, but less us know if you need another time. Then tell your friends, stock your bar, and get ready to build! We’ll send you everything you need to build, including robot-inspired cocktail recipes!

More Info on Adult Classes

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Summer Is Almost Here!

The (oddest) school year is coming to an end soon and we’re gearing up for a super fun summer here at the Virtual Robot Foundry!

Our team is busy packing up boxes of robot parts and other cool things kids will need for our Summer Circuits. Summer Circuits come in a variety of versions, or colors, so you can sign up for a bunch that work with your schedule without any worry about repeating projects. Choose mornings, afternoons, or both.

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Supporting Racial Justice

I am white. I own a small business that employs POC and teaches children. Racism is pervasive in our culture. It is hard to unpack. It is hard to know how to talk to children about what is happening. How to explain police brutality. How to talk about the killing of innocent people. But we can no longer sit in silence trying to “protect” our white children’s “innocence” while black and brown children and families are fearing for their lives. We cannot stand here watching without jumping in to be an ally, to see our own actions, our own racism, and to work towards change. We must understand our privilege, acknowledge it, and dismantle it.

Our company provides engineering classes for children. We teach children to question and explore the world.  We feel it is our responsibility to also teach children to see each other and to see when their assumptions about race are wrong.  We have done training with the Center For Racial Justice in Education including their training on how to facilitate race discussions with educators. Their programs are powerful, intelligent and so essential. If you work for or own a business that works with children, we highly recommend attending their sessions. They are humbling and enlightening. And have made me realize that my work to dismantle my white privilege will never be done. And that I must stay diligent to see my own racism and to call it out when I see it in others

On our Additional Resources page you can find useful resources and links to discussions on race that are happening right now. We strive to support our community, our staff and our children. And we strive to do better and be better and to learn together.

Jenny Young
Owner, Brooklyn Robot Foundry

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Announcing Our Virtual Summer!

In lieu of our normal in-person Summer Sessions, we’re introducing our new online summer program: Summer Circuits!

Summer Circuits are long format classes that run Monday – Thursday from July 6 – Aug 27th for 3 hours each day. There will be arts, science, games, movement, and of course Robots! Children will be placed in small groups, with up to 5 other children, and led though hours of interactive fun by our amazing teachers. They’ll laugh, they’ll play, they’ll learn and they’ll leave you alone!

Just check out some of the fun we had during a similar session we held over Spring Break:

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Spring Is Here, So It’s Time for Family Club!

Family Club is a 4-week series of classes in which children ages 6-11yrs build alongside their grown-up. Work as a team, while you both learn, laugh and get creative!

Family Club is only offered twice a year, so we’re very excited for its return in June, especially since it may even be better than before! Family Club will now be offered virtually, which means you can enjoy building right from your own home. And we’ve extended it to 4 weeks – more building fun for all!

All you need is a computer or iPad with Zoom to join us for the live classes either Mondays or Thursdays at 6:30pm EDT. We will send you all of the robot parts you need. And if you don’t have a glue gun, #1 screwdriver or craft supplies, we can send you those as well! If you have more than one child in this age range, pay just once for the classes but add on extra robot kits so everyone can build together!

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Thank You Teachers!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers who care for, and educate, our children. You are amazing!

A special shout out to all the incredible teachers here at the Robot Foundry, who are just simply awesome!! They bring so much joy, patience and inspiration to every class. It is an absolute pleasure to watch you in action. Thank you for all you do!

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Our Birthday Parties Have Gone Virtual Too!

Our birthday parties have always been such a hit with kids, and parents, so we’ve developed a new online version that will make any quarantine celebration a success!

Simply put together your guest list and hand it over to us, so we can take care of the rest! We’ll send the birthday child and their guests all of the robot parts and any other party supplies they’ll need. Then everyone will meet us in our virtual party room on the big day for the a super fun birthday!

Party times currently available all weekends and occasional weekdays. LEARN MORE!

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We’ve Expanded Our Class Offerings!

We now have a variety of classes for children ages 2 -13 years old!

Check out all of the amazing programs we’re now offering for new and returning students, young and old(er)!

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I am really, really proud of my team and honored to be working with a group so full of intelligence, drive, humor and compassion. For the past few weeks we have been doing online after school classes and have gotten really great feedback. Check out this video of some highlights and get a feel for what it’s like to do online robot building classes with us.

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