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In-School & After-School Enrichment

Bring all of the robot fun to your school! Whether as a single "field trip", a multi-week residency, or a big assembly, your students will love these hands-on learning experiences!

In-School & After-School Enrichment Registration

Our robot-building enrichment programs are wonderful ways to supplement the STEAM curriculum at your school, camp, or after-school program. Available as single sessions, weekly residencies, or school-wide assemblies, these immersive robot-building programs allow students to gain a deeper understanding of engineering concepts and the opportunity for hands-on creativity.


Let us help make your next STEAM Day or “Engineering Is Awesome Day”a huge hit. After all, nothing gets a group of students more excited about STEAM than robots – especially playing with robots! Our team will educate, inspire, and entertain with a combination of demonstration, interactive improv, and hands-on activities. Students will have the opportunity to create their own passengers and interact with some of the Foundry’s signature robots. Best suited for grades K-6.

Classes & Residencies:

Students will build, decorate, and take home their own robots each class! These enrichment classes run for 60-90 minutes and all of the materials are always provided.

Single Classes: Think of this as a field trip without having to leave the classroom! Our team of experienced teachers will bring everything and lead a super fun and engaging class. Students will learn engineering fundamentals, strengthen their problem-solving skills, gain confidence, and exercise their creativity while building and decorating their own robots, which they’ll take home afterward for more fun!

Recurring Classes/Residencies: Why stop at just one class when we can keep coming back every week? Students will gain deeper knowledge as they encounter new components and tackle new projects each week. We’ll be building robots that light up, drive, wiggle, draw, spin, buzz, or do something else that the kids will love! We always encourage creativity and love when students make their designs all their own. Our enrichment programs are available all day – during school hours or afterward.

Pricing for these programs will be determined by the number of students, the number of classes, the length of classes, the number of teachers required, and travel time. Request your enrichment program today by choosing your location in the box and clicking the “Find Classes” button!

An orange circle with three sample robots in it and the words "Mini Makers" in a teal bubble


We introduce our youngest students to basic STEAM concepts through a combination of storytelling and hands-on learning. While students this age will need plenty of grown-ups in tow, the projects are designed so these little makers can do most of the building on their own. Students will be incredibly proud of their creations and will have a great time playing with them, and continuing to learn, long after the class is over. We encourage at least 1 adult per 3 children.


A blue outlined circle with three sample robots in it and the words "Robot Rookies" in a purple bubble


We are launching a brand new program exclusively for kindergarteners. As with our other classes, students will get build and decorate their own robots each class. This new program will feature projects that are tailored for this age group, providing just enough challenge to leave students feeling successful and empowered. Launching fall 2024



An orange circle with three sample robots in it and the words "Mini Makers" in a teal bubble

1st & 2nd Grade

Students will surely enjoy the fun of STEAM learning as they build their own whimsical robots each week! We will start the classes with a lesson on circuits and that week’s components. Then the students will get to work building their own robots with step-by-step instructions from the teachers. Finally, it will be each student’s creativity that really brings these robots to life, as they decorate and customize their robotic creatures.


A purple circle with three sample robots in it and the words "Robot Inventors" in an orange bubble

3rd – 6th Grade

As patience and fine motor skills continue to grow, we’re able to introduce a more challenging version of our signature robot-building classes for older students. The robots get more complicated and the opportunity for creativity becomes even greater. Experienced Inventors are encouraged to experiment and create their own projects with the materials.



An orange outlined circle with three sample robots in it and the words "Robot Coders" in a purple bubble

6th – 8th Grade

Our most advanced program combines our signature hands-on building projects with programming. Students work in groups to build robots that incorporate sensors, servos, and other programming components. They then learn to control the robot using a block coding platform.

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