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One-Time Classes

One-Time Classes are a great introduction to our programs. They're also a terrific way to get in extra building time for our current students who just can't get enough!

One-Time Classes Registration

What to Expect

Each class will feature a specific robot project that will drive or light up or spin or something else fun! Our teachers will lead the class through the building process, step by step. But when it comes to decorating their creations, students are encouraged to follow their own path and be as creative as possible. Each child will build, and take home, their own robot each class.

Classes for ages 2-5 years require a grown-up to attend (one adult can assist up to 2 children). All other classes are considered drop-off, unless noted.

Find a Class

Classes that are open for public registration will be listed on this site. To find current classes, choose a location in the finder and click the orange “Find Classes” button to see what is available.

If you don’t find something available in your area, or you’d like to arrange for classes at your school/organization, please reach out to us. We’d love to build with you!

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