Team Building @ 4th Street

Your team will have a blast building and problem solving together as they create their own amazing wiggling robots. Along with making circuits and assembling the necessary parts, each member will decorate their quirky creations however they wish. Friendly competitions will occur as we throw out design challenges to make the experience entertaining and engaging. We provide all of the materials, tools and expertise to create a truly memorable robot building session. At the end of the event, each team member can take home their robot or bring them back to the office! Let the fun and silliness begin!

We offer events at our 4th Street location in Gowanus on select days and evenings. Prefer us to come to you? Let’s talk!


  • We can accommodate 8-30 people
  • Event lasts approximately 1.5 hours
  • Each attendee will build their own robot
  • Everyone must show proof of vaccination to enter.
  • We can order food or you can bring your own.
  • BYOB


$440 for up to 8 adults
+ $50 per additional adult

Does not include cost of food.


Will I be given the opportunity to update the size of the event as RSVPs come in? Yes, we will reach out to you about two weeks before the event. At that point you will be given the opportunity to change the size.

What if more people show up on the day of the event? \We will prepare the maximum number of kits and have the necessary staff for the event based solely on the size that you choose. If more people attend the party than you indicated, you will be charged $100 per person in addition to the base price.

May I come early to set up? Sure, you can arrive up to 30 minutes before your scheduled event start time. But please make sure your guests don’t arrive until the actual start time.

What will the attendees get to take home? Each adult will take home a robot that they made.

Is gratuity for the staff included in the party price? Gratuity is completely at your discretion. If you think the staff did an outstanding job and you want to tip them, feel free to do so. However, tips are not required.

What type of food am I allowed to bring into the Foundry? You can bring whatever you like as long as it does not contain nuts of any kind.

I want to bring alcohol. Is that okay? Sure!

Is there a pizza place nearby that you recommend? Yes. We can recommend a variety of local food options that will deliver.

When should I have food delivered? 30 minutes before your event start time.

Do you provide the plates, utensils, cups, candles, lighters, etc? If we are providing the food then we do. If not, you have to provide these things.