Tribeca Grand Opening Event!

front of storeStop by our new location to check it out! We will be here from 2:00 pm -5:00 pm this Saturday, March 22nd with all sorts of fun building activities for the kids.

Complimentary Activities:

  • Flying/floating parachuting creations
  • Shrinky Dink robot necklaces
  • Wall coasters, marble tracks, blocks, stacking robots and more!

528 Canal Street, NY, NY

Does your child want to make a robot that moves? Sign them up to build an awesome vibrating robot! Each child will build their very own robot that they get to take home with them.


  • 5-9 year olds
  • $25 for a one hour class
  • Children leave with their very own custom robot!



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Women in Technology Speaker Series Announcement!

The Brooklyn Robot Foundry is thrilled to announce our Women in Technology Speaker Series!

All too often girls and women are told, through subtle socialization and explicit sexism, that the STEM fields are not for them. As a female-owned business that works with children on technology and engineering projects, we at the Foundry strive to empower every child to become a better builder. With this series we hope to introduce children and their families to amazing women who are doing incredible things in STEM.

The series will be free with RSVP, with an option to donate to our new scholarship fund for girls to take classes at the Foundry. Families are highly encouraged to bring their children ages 6 years and older.

The series will occur from 6 to 7pm on the second Saturday of every month, beginning in May. Light refreshments will be provided.

Here are our first two speakers!

Lissa Johnson, CEO and Founder, Mosa Mack: Science DetectiveMosa-Mack-Logo
6pm, Saturday, May 10

While teaching middle school science in Harlem, Lissa Moses found that there were few web-based resources that spoke directly to her students. Inspired to promote diversity in science education, Lissa created Mosa Mack: Science Detective, an animated series that exposes students to the thrill of problem solving while empowering girls and children of color in the sciences. Through its female protagonist whose passion for problem solving drives each story, Mosa Mack promotes diversity in the sciences while simultaneously providing teachers with an accessible way to incorporate inquiry into the classroom. Lissa’s emphases on diversity and inquiry-based education in the sciences make her a perfect fit to start off our Women in Tech Speaker Series!

Nancy Dinh, Founder and Creative Director, NhócchiNhocchi
6pm, Saturday, June 14

Nancy Dinh is an artistically-minded entrepreneur with a background in mechanical engineering. She runs Nhócchi, an eco-friendly company that produces beautiful, whimsical puppets and characters for storytellers of all ages. Nancy also participates in the visual arts as a photographer, computer animator, and visual effects specialist, and has worked on several feature animation films for children. As an educator in computer animation and visual effects, Nancy passionately applies creativity to both technology and art. We can’t wait to hear more about her work!


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Second Location in TriBeCa!

 Woo-hoo! We now have two locations!

We are super excited to announce that we will soon be opening a second location and it is in Manhattan!

front of store

We recently signed a lease on a space at 528 Canal street in TriBeCa. It has a beautiful, open floor plan and is right across the street from the Hudson River Park. The closest subway stops are the 1 at Canal Street and the A/C/E at Canal Street.

We are doing the build-out right now with a goal to be open in March for parties, weekend classes, and retail. We will also be offering summer sessions starting in June. Schedule and online sign-up coming soon!


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Inspiring Woman in Tech

I recently watched this YouTube video done by Emily Graslie, a female science communicator and YouTube educator who works at the Field Museum in Chicago. The video talks about the sexism she experiences in her job.

It really resonated with me and made me start thinking about what I could do in my role as the owner of a tech business for kids to combat gender stereotypes especially in tech.

I am going to start a lecture series where woman in tech come to Brooklyn Robot Foundry and give a ~45 min lecture and Q&A about what they do. The event would be open to the public and aimed at families with kids ages 6-13 (or so). The lecture would be a way to introduce kids and adults to technology with the aim of showing them that woman can and do have tech jobs.

Ada Lovelace (my daughter's namesake)

Ada Lovelace (my daughter’s namesake)

The lectures would be free. The people who attended would have an option to give a donation which would go towards a scholarship fund for girls to take classes at the Foundry.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in being part of this lecture series, please pass along my information (below). In return I would be happy to allow the lecturer or her children to attend a workshop at the Foundry.

Jenny Young


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Check out this really great video!

Check out this awesome video that our friends from the EdLab at Teachers College created about Brooklyn Robot Foundry. We absolutely love it and think they did an outstanding job capturing what is special about the Foundry. Thanks!

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How many steps does it take to turn on a giant robot sign?

Answer= 72

The week before school started, we decided to try a new type of summer session where we created a massive Rube Goldberg machine. The purpose of the class was to build a machine that does as many steps as possible before turning on our giant robot sign. We had 21 awesome builders who amazed us with their creativity and originality in designing and building one incredible machine.

We had to nudge the machine a few times but all in all we were very proud of our final creation.

Below is the step by step:

  1. a marble is released down a ramp (with a 90 degree bend)
  2. the marble goes through the legs of the stacking robots and hits dominoes
  3. the dominoes fall over onto a special domino with foil around it
  4. the foil domino completes a circuit and causes a motor to spin at the top of a tower
  5. the motor has a stick on it that hits a golf ball
  6. the golf ball rolls down a ramp and dumps into a cup
  7. the cup is on a lever which hits another ball that is on a zipline
  8. that ball goes down the zipline and hits another ball that hits another smaller ball
  9. the smaller ball falls into a hole on the ramp and a motor spins (for special effects only)
  10. the larger ball rolls all the way down the ramp
  11. as it goes down it rolls over switches and turns on LEDs
  12. at the bottom of the ramp the ball rests on a switch
  13. that switch turns on a motor that is attached to propeller
  14. the propeller hits a golf ball that rolls down a ramp
  15. the golf ball causes an LED to flicker as it rolls down the ramp
  16. the golf ball lands on a lever
  17. the bottom of the lever is a switch that turns on another LED
  18. when the lever is lifted, it knocks over a table that completes a circuit and turns on a motor
  19. the motor (and gearbox) is attached to a linkage that winds up a string wrapped around a pulley
  20. the string lifts up a stick that is holding down a stretchy, plastic animal toy
  21. the toy flies through the air and hits a lever
  22. the lever hits a ball
  23. the ball rolls down a tube and into another tube on the end of a lever
  24. the lever falls down and causes a ball on the other end of the lever to roll down the lever and on to a ramp
  25. the ball goes down the ramp into a cup
  26. the cup is suspended on another lever and raises
  27. this causes a new ball to be dumped onto another inclined plane which rolls down into a cup
  28. that cup closes the circuit and causes a motor to spin
  29. the motor is attached to a dowel rod with two corks on strings
  30. once the corks go fast enough, the cork hits a line of stacking robot
  31. the stacking robots falls down
  32. the last stacking robot pulls a string which pulls away a support from under a weight
  33. the weight is connected to a string around a pulley, the other side of the string is connected to a cup which tips and a ball is released
  34. the ball rolls down a very long ramp
  35. as it rolls it hits three levers (switches) which turn on LEDs
  36. at the bottom of the ramp the ball knocks into a ring connected to a rubber band
  37. the rubber band releases a lever
  38. another ball rolls down an inclined plane
  39. the ball hits a cup which tips over and releases another ball
  40. that ball rolls into dominoes
  41. the dominoes tip over
  42. the last dominoes is covered with foil and completes a circuit
  43. the circuit turns on a motor
  44. when the motor turns on it moves a hook which releases a battering ram
  45. the battering ram goes down the zipline and hits a marble
  46. the marble knocks a ball off the edge of a cup
  47. the ball goes down a ramp and falls into a cup connected to a double lever
  48. on the end of the double lever is another ball which then rolls down a track
  49. the ball hits a line of stacking robots
  50. the first stacking robot has foil on it with a blue LED on its head, when it falls over, the LED turns on
  51. the last stacking robot knocks a weight off of a lever
  52. the lever falls onto another lever
  53. that lever forces open a gate
  54. the gate holds a windup car (charged)
  55. once the gate moves, the car drives off the cardboard cliff
  56. attached to the car is a string, the string is attached to a cup
  57. on top of the cup is a tinfoil ball, when the car drives forward the cup is pulled and the foil ball rolls down a ramp
  58. when the foil ball reaches the bottom of the ramp it completes a circuit
  59. a motor turns on which makes a stick on the shaft spin
  60. the stick then knocks a ball (covered in foil attached to part of a circuit) off the edge of a cup
  61. that ball falls into a cup which completes a circuit and turns on a white LED
  62. the cup is on a double lever which releases a fiberglass ball
  63. that ball zigzags down a ramp into a shoot
  64. the ball then hits a line of stacking robots
  65. one robot (covered in foil) acts as a switch and turns on an LED
  66. the stacking robots fall up a staircase
  67. two of the robots (covered in foil) complete a circuit and turn on a motor with a spinning butterfly
  68. the last stacking robot (one at the top) falls onto a toy scale
  69. the scale raises and releases a ball
  70. the ball goes down a track and through a tunnel
  71. and falls onto a small platform attached to a power strip
  72. and…. the power strip turns on our giant robot sign!!!!
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Check out our sweet new gate!


Check out our totally awesome new gate design! Our incredible employee, Josh Brechner, just completed this fine work of art. So cool! We definitely have the best looking gate in Brooklyn.


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SparkTruck Comes to Brooklyn Robot Foundry!

9346534249_3b5cca084b_z We are super excited to announce that we are partnering with SparkTruck! They are taking their show on the road and we are lucky enough to be one of their east coast stops.

What is SparkTruck? The SparkTruck , created by the Stanford, is designed to incite creativity and invigorate science, tech, engineering and math skills of children by providing free workshops where the kids learn to use 3D printers, laser cutters and LEGO Mindstorms.9311594914_8baa3812c4_z9307081159_67eac1d233_z






DETAILS: Thursday, 8/15 from 3:30-5:30pm.

REGISTRATION: The event is totally FREE but space is limited. Currently all spots are taken. Waitlist information coming soon!

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Summer is here!

Hello everyone! Happy 4th of July. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their families.

We will be closed on Thursday but our retail store is open normal business hours the rest of the week (Wed-Sat 12-7 & Sun 12-5).

We have had three incredible weeks of summer sessions so far! And boy has it been a blast. We started with Robot Vehicles and ended with Robot Forts and Cities. We can’t wait till next week when we start back up again. What a fun summer this is going to be!!!

Check out this video of the 14 foot tall Giant Robot that the kids built last Friday!

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Girls’ Club mentioned at South by Southwest & WNYC’s “The Greene Space”

Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director of the NY Tech Meetup, mentioned Brooklyn Robot Foundry’s Girls’ Club during a speech at South by Southwest and during a panel discussion on WNYC’s The Greene Space!

Jessica’s speech at SXSW was entitled, “There’s No Ambition Gap: Truth About Women in Tech”. The panel discussion on WNYC was on “How Tech is Changing the Way Woman Work”. We feel so honored to be mentioned in both!

She talks about an experience she had while eating at a local restaurant. One of our Girls’ Club members came into the restaurant and brought her newly created robot cat. She was giddy with pride as she showed the other restaurant patrons the robot she had just completed. Jessica was so struck with the experience that she decided to include it in her SXSW speech as well as to talk about it again during the panel discussion.

In the South by Southwest talk, we are mentioned around 37:50. During the panel discussion, we are mentioned around 38:00.

And here is a quick video of the cute kitty itself!

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