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Inspiring Woman in Tech

I recently watched this YouTube video done by Emily Graslie, a female science communicator and YouTube educator who works at the Field Museum in Chicago. The video talks about the sexism she experiences in her job.

It really resonated with me and made me start thinking about what I could do in my role as the owner of a tech business for kids to combat gender stereotypes especially in tech.

I am going to start a lecture series where woman in tech come to Brooklyn Robot Foundry and give a ~45 min lecture and Q&A about what they do. The event would be open to the public and aimed at families with kids ages 6-13 (or so). The lecture would be a way to introduce kids and adults to technology with the aim of showing them that woman can and do have tech jobs.

Ada Lovelace (my daughter's namesake)

Ada Lovelace (my daughter’s namesake)

The lectures would be free. The people who attended would have an option to give a donation which would go towards a scholarship fund for girls to take classes at the Foundry.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in being part of this lecture series, please pass along my information (below). In return I would be happy to allow the lecturer or her children to attend a workshop at the Foundry.

Jenny Young


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