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Maker Faire, Fall After School & Next Week’s Programs!

Robot Programming· Next week features our Robot Discovery projects in all our locations!
· Just a handful of spots still available in the Upper East SideTribeca, and South Slope! (Gowanus/North Slope next week is full.)
· One-Time Classes next Wed. 8/16 (Spin Bot) and Thurs. 8/17 (Creepy Crawler)! Sign up here.

Join us at Maker Faire (Sept. 23rd and 24th!)

We’re so excited to be returning this year to Maker Faire in Queens Sept. 23rd and 24th! Maker Faire is an annual expo of amazing feats of STEM, engineering, science, and of course robotics!

Maker-Faire-Media-Center-Featured-Image-FBWe launched our business at Maker Faire in 2011 where we set up our very first little booth. We want to thank all of our customers for allowing us to continue to grow and expand. We’ve grown from our pop-up location at Jenny’s workshop to having permanent leases at four locations throughout the city plus an offsite production facility.

Thank you all for making it happen! Hopefully we’ll see you there this year! Finally,

Thinking about fall already? 

Our Fall After School signups are now open! We offer after school programs every day from 3:30 to 5:15/5:30 during the fall, winter, and spring, and we have pickup available from local schools. Plus, this year we’re offering an extended Homework Help option to give parents flexibility to pick up their kids as late as 6:30 pm!

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