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MLK Jr Day Session

There’s nothing more fun than building robots on a day off school! This day we’ll use three motors, a bit of engineering, and a lot of ingenuity to make two really novel projects!

determinatorIn the morning, we’ll start with our favorite brand new project. Called the Determinator, this robot is simple to make, yet it can help make life’s trickiest decisions: What’s for dinner? What should I wear? Which dance move should I do? There’s lots of room for creativity in this project. So far we’ve made one version into a fun game and one into a pizza-decision-maker. We can’t wait to see what your children will make these into!

drawingbotIn the afternoon, we’ll build Drawing Bots. To make the drawing bot, we’ll build a parallel circuit with two motors. The bot has detachable markers, so you can switch out different colors. When you turn the bot on it swirls in circles, making a crazy spiral of colors on the paper. It’s remarkable to see how easily machines can do some things that are so hard for humans!

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