6th-8th Grade Field Trip

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6th-8th Grade (Quadricycler) Materials


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Shared Decoration Station Add-On (Optional)

Individual Decoration Kit Add-Ons (Optional)

After registration, we will email you a form for all of the the attendee’s addresses. If the addresses are submitted less than 14 days before the event, rush shipping charges may be incurred.

You can also choose to send the kits to one address.

You will need Zoom on your device prior to the session. We will send you the Meeting ID and password after you fill out this form.

I agree to submit Permission Slips (including the Foundry’s Terms and Photo and Video Waivers) from the parents of the attendees before the start of the trip.

You will be charged shipping once we have all of the addresses.
You agree to pay the shipping fees before the kits are shipped.

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