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Robot Inventors

Robot Inventors is our signature class series for 3rd - 5th graders. Students build a fun hands-on, robot project each week, with increasing levels of difficulty and self-driven design.

Robot Inventors Registration

What to Expect

Robot Inventors is an advanced version of our signature after-school class, for 3rd – 5th graders. These classes are great for new builders, as well as those seeking a more open-ended robot-building experience. A new project will be introduced each week, as part of the overall theme. This is considered an inquiry-based class, with ample space for experimentation. Students may choose to stick with the week’s scripted project, or they can take their own path, taking a hand at turning their ideas into a reality.

At the start of each class, children will be introduced to components and engineering concepts, and they’ll review all the parts in their individual RoboKits. Our amazing teachers will then guide the students through building their own super cool robots.


Finding Classes:

All of our classes take place at partner locations – schools, after school programs, community centers, organizations, camps, businesses, etc.

Classes that are open for public registration will be listed on this site. To find current Robot Inventors weekly classes, choose a location in the finder and click the orange “Find Classes” button to see what is available.

If you’d like to arrange for classes at your school/organization, please visit our enrichment page. If you’re interested in arranging private classes, please visit this page. And of course, we always love it when you reach out to us. We’d love to build fun with you!

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