Relax, Have Fun, and Discover New Things!

We know there’s a lot more to life than robot-building. Here are some fun things to watch, activities to do, and resources to discover. We hope they add some extra joy and support to your days.

Fun Stuff

  • CeleBOTies

    In their down time, our designers have been having fun making robot versions of some of our favorite celebrities!

  • Quick Builds

    Watch our designers assemble some of our cool robots in seconds flat!

  • Unbuilding

    Watch our designers take apart toys and other electronics (very quickly) to understand how they work.

  • Quarantreater

    Here’s your guide to building your own Quarantreater: the trick to safe treating this Halloween!

  • Paper Caterpillar

    Here’s your guide to making a paper caterpillar that inches along with the help from you and a straw!


Additional Resources

  • De-Stressing Activities

    Try one these relaxing activities we’ve created!

  • Talking About Race

    Help getting started with an important conversation

  • Emotional Support

    Resources for emotional well-being (for adults and kids alike!)


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