Robot Coders: Online

Photo: tablet with block coding for a dragon robot

This is not your average coding class! Our Robot Coding online course combines the hands-on learning of robot-building with the problem-solving exercise of programming.

Students will create robots that interact in the real world, combining the fun of building something from scratch with the complexity of real electronics and block coding.

Coding students will begin with our Introductory Class and then continue with our Expansion Classes, which feature brand new projects each week.

Robot Coding: Intro Class

$450 ($360 program fee + $90 materials)*
6 weeks
Students will make super cool projects each week as they get familiar with their fantastic Hummingbird robotics kit. No prior programming experience is required and when the class is over, your child will have the skills and confidence to build on their own using the Hummingbird platform. Materials fee covers all of the robot-building kits, which will be sent in advance.

4:30-6pm ET (1:30-3pm PT)
September 20 – November 1 (no class 10/11)

4:30-6pm ET (1:30-3pm PT)
October 28 – December 16 (no class 11/11 & 11/25)

*Students will be required to have the Hummingbird Kit and an iPad, as well as other basic household supplies (screwdriver, tape, etc.). First time students will need to add on the kit ($199), which can be used repeatedly for future sessions.

Robot Coding: Expansion Class

$450 ($360 program fee + $90 materials)
6 weeks
Returning coding students will continue to build on their expertise in our Expansion Class. Each session features all new projects, introducing students to new concepts and challenges. Students will continue to use their Hummingbird kit and will receive their new robot-making supplies before the beginning of the session.

4:30-6pm ET (1:30-3pm PT)
November 8 – December 13

Standard shipping available up to 10days before the start of class, after which expedited shipping will be available at an additional cost. Local pickup in Gowanus, Brooklyn is always available free of charge.


  1. Is it okay if my child has never taken a class with you before? Yes! We love meeting new students and we will be starting every new session with the basics, so no one will ever feel behind.
  2. My child is very mature for their age, may I sign them up for a session that is above their age level? Sorry, but we are strict with ages levels to ensure that children have a great experience during our classes.
  3. Are there any make-up classes? We will offer makeup classes at the end of each session. The makeup class will most likely be at a different time and/or day than the child’s normal class. See our makeup policy for more information.
  4. My child was in your summer session and/or one of your other after school programs. Will the curriculum for this program be different? Yes! We create new projects every semester with as few repeats as possible. We will occasionally bring back some of our “best of” or beginner projects to get new kids up to speed but after that, the robots will be new.
  5. What is your cancellation policy? See our cancellation policy.
  6. What does my child need for the class?  Coding students will need an iPad with a working camera and microphone, as well as the Zoom and BirdBlox apps.
    A #1 screwdriver and tape are included in the basic tool kit. In addition you will need simple craft supplies, including markers or crayons. If you are in need of additional decoration materials, you may add one of our decoration kits at checkout.
  7. The class is sold out. What do I do now?  We regularly add classes due to demand. Please email our customer service team so they may contact you when a class has been added at your requested times.
  8. Will you be offering in-person classes?  Yes and no! While we will not be offering in-person after school classes, we will offer our Fundays on school holidays at our new location at 98 4th Street in Gowanus.
  9. I missed the Standard Registration cutoff, can I still sign my child up for classes? Due to the cumulative nature of our coding classes, we usually do not allow late registrations. However, if there is room in a class and there is no worry of falling behind, late registrations may be possible in our Expansion classes only. Please email our customer service team for additional information.