Women in Tech Lecture Series

In partnership with Park Slope Parents, Brooklyn Robot Foundry is thrilled to announce our Women in Technology Speaker Series!

Girls building at the Foundry!

All too often girls and women are told, through subtle socialization and explicit sexism, that the STEM fields are not for them. As a female-owned business that works with children on technology and engineering projects, we at the Foundry strive to empower every child to become a better builder. With this series we hope to introduce children and their families to amazing women who are doing incredible things in STEM.

There is a required $8 fee to cover event costs with an option for additional donations beyond that amount. All donations will go towards funding avenues to bring more girls into our programs!

The series will occur from 6 to 7pm on the second (usually) Saturday of every month during the school year. Families are highly encouraged to bring their children (girls and boys) ages 6 years and older!

Light refreshments will be provided.


Thanks to our Media Partner, Park Slope Parents for helping us spread the word!

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Current Lectures:


Past Lectures:

Devina Dhawan, Security Engineerdevinaetsy

6pm, Saturday, November 12th

Kids and their parents have a chance to see what it’s like to be a Security Engineer, working to keep the internet safe and secure. Devina works for Etsy, a vibrant peer-to-peer online marketplace for vintage and handmade products. Devina will share her journey from being a little kid obsessed with puzzles and video games, to being a big kid saving the world from hackers and cybercrime!  Kids will learn about data encryption through a hands-on game where they will team up to create and decode secret messages.

Kristina Vogel-An, SVP Operations, Modus Agency

6pm, Saturday October 22nd

modus_game_jam_68-1Bring your kids to hear Kristina talk about the teamwork required to build robust software. During this interactive lecture the audience members will collaboratively design a Halloween card using Scratch (a super fun and easy programming language). We will also pass out a handout with information on how to do these types of simple, fun and free projects at home with your kids!

Kristina is a database architect who loves data and the data sciences: analyzing patterns, forecasting, moving and streaming data, and designing databases. For her, she finds the data sciences to be an extremely creative mental space. Kristina got her start in geographic information systems with a degree in geography. She leads international engineering teams and develops systems to build software.

Caroline Sinders, User Researcher, IBM Watson2013-041_0824

6pm, Saturday, September 17th

Caroline helps test and design software for natural language processing. She is also part of a non-profit that teaches women how to code by making video games.

Tali Mejicovsky, Associate & Facade Engineer, Ove Arup & Partnera

6pm, Saturday, November 15th
Brooklyn Location- 303 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


Tali will talk about her path toward becoming an engineer and show us a bit of the worlds of architecture, building engineering and construction. We will look in particular at her day to day work with the building envelope or facade (all of the cool outside stuff on the building- walls, roof, etc). Here is a picture of the Harvard Art Museum extension that Tali and her team worked on.

Roopa Vasudevan, Visual Artist and Adjunct Professor at ITP & Fordham College
6pm, Saturday, December 13th
Brooklyn Location- 303 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

electrical transmission of powerRoopa is going to introduce us to the wonderful world of data and data visualization. She will talk about how she makes beautiful and moving data visualizations that convey messages more clearly than the raw data itself.

Lissa Johnson, CEO and Founder, Mosa Mack: Science Detective
6pm, Saturday, May 10

Mosa-Mack-LogoWhile teaching middle school science in Harlem, Lissa Moses found that there were few web-based resources that spoke directly to her students. Inspired to promote diversity in science education, Lissa created Mosa Mack: Science Detective, an animated series that exposes students to the thrill of problem solving while empowering girls and children of color in the sciences. Through its female protagonist whose passion for problem solving drives each story, Mosa Mack promotes diversity in the sciences while simultaneously providing teachers with an accessible way to incorporate inquiry into the classroom. Lissa’s emphases on diversity and inquiry-based education in the sciences make her a perfect fit to start off our Women in Tech Speaker Series!

Emily Crose, Senior Associate, Baker HughesWomenInTechSpace
6pm, Saturday, June

Emily will talk about her accomplishments as a mechanical engineer. From designing and improving AC units, to working in the oil and gas industry, to even designing a toilet for the space shuttle… The talk will be fun, funny and give you a taste for all the diverse things you can do with a mechanical engineering degree!


Nancy Dinh, Founder and Creative Director, Nhócchi

Nancy Dinh is an artistically-Nhocchiminded entrepreneur with a background in mechanical engineering. She runs Nhócchi, an eco-friendly company that produces beautiful, whimsical puppets and characters for storytellers of all ages. Nancy also participates in the visual arts as a photographer, computer animator, and visual effects specialist, and has worked on several feature animation films for children. As an educator in computer animation and visual effects, Nancy passionately applies creativity to both technology and art. We can’t wait to hear more about her work!