Online Parties

Our awesome robot parties have gone virtual! Now the birthday child and all of their guests can come together online to build, laugh and celebrate, as our amazing teachers lead the way!

What makes Robot Foundry parties so special for kids is that each child gets to build their very own moving robot, with tons of guidance and support from our teachers. What makes our online parties so special for parents is all you have to do is provide us with contact information for all of the guests and we’ll take care of the rest!

Party Details:

  • We will host the 1.5-hour party via password-protected Zoom, with a custom background for the birthday child.
  • The base party package covers 6 children, but you can add on as many additional guests as you’d like!
  • Guests will be sent the login information and a package with everything they need to build their robot project, including decorations and a screwdriver.
  • The birthday child will receive everything above, plus a mini birthday cake!
  • Our teachers will work with the kids in small groups to guide them through building their robots in as fun a way as possible!
  • Everyone will celebrate the birthday child with a special birthday song!

How to Book Your Party:

  1. Contact us to check availability and reserve your party date. Please be sure to plan at least 3 weeks ahead, since shipping times vary.
  2. Reserved the date? Now you can book your party! Choose your party size, your add-ons, etc. On the day that you book, you will also need to provide us with current mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers for the birthday child and all of the guests, so we can send them their party supplies and verify their delivery.
  3. Wait patiently for everything to be delivered.
  4. Continue to stay calm as you wait for the big day to arrive.
  5. Make sure your computer is charged, your Zoom is setup and you’re ready for an awesome birthday party!

Base Package: $300 for up to 6 children
Optional Add ons:

Additional Guests:  The more the merrier! Each additional guest after the first 5 is $50.

Snack/Cake Add-on: Adorable robot juice box with treats, including small packaged cake for each guest. $7 per guest

Paper Pack Add-on: A really fun way for your child and their guests to connect in real life via snail mail. $35 per 10 guests

Video Add-on: A custom created video of your own party! 1-2 mins of the highlights from your party! $200


  1. What will we, and our guests, need for the party in addition to what is already being sent?
    – An iPad or computer with the Zoom app installed
    – A place for the child to sit comfortably and build while seeing the device’s screen
    – scissors & tape
  2. Do children need any prior building experience?
    No! Our unique teaching method and low student:teacher ratio allow children to build independently right from the start.
  3. Are shipping costs included in the party price?
    This price includes shipping within New York state only. If your guests are outside of NY, we will have to pass along any additional shipping costs to you.
  4. Can I host my party next week?
    Unfortunately we will need a minimum of 3 weeks to ensure enough time for assembly and delivery of the robot kits for you and all of your guests. Shipping times vary greatly these days and we want to make sure everything is delivered before the party.

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